Most advanced applicant tracking system

Streamline every step of your recruiting process, collaborating with your entire team in real-time.
Advertise jobs, source and manage candidates and hire the best with our online Talent Acquisition Platform
designed to make you more productive every day.

Advertise your Job openigs to Portals, Social and Web

Advertise Jobs

to all major Job Boards, Social Networks & your Company website with just a few clicks

Manage Candidates in a Central location

Source & Manage Candidates

with an organized view of candidate information, notes, reviews and entire communication trail

Hire Candidates Collaboratively with your Team

Collaborate to Hire

with your entire Team taking feedback at every stage to shortlist, interview and hire the best talent

Source better talent online

Cast a wider net to reach out to maximum potential candidates, yet filtering the most relevant ones with your customizable application forms.

Manage all your sourcing channels including job boards, social, website, email & referrals from one online account.

  • Post to major Job boards and social networks
  • Get a branded careers site in minutes
  • Customize your Application form
  • Post jobs on the Careers page of your website
  • Setup a Careers tab on your Facebook page

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Customized Application Form for your Job Openings

Track applicants effectively

Gone are the days of using spreadsheets or browsing emails for short-listing candidates.

Candidate profiles are now stored in a secure online database with all candidate information including resumes, comments, interviews, reviews and entire communication trail available at your fingertips from your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

  • All Resumes stored in one centralized online database
  • Access comments, reviews & emails from everywhere
  • Shortlist with a customizable recruitment pipeline
  • Send & Receive Emails directly from Jobsoid

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Collaborative recruitment

Whether you are receiving 100 or 10,000 applications per day, the system automatically scales and adapts itself to handle the workload and lets you focus only on recruiting the best fit candidates.

  • Invite all your recruiters to collaborate
  • Manage a centralized talent pool
  • Assign tasks to your recruiting team
  • Share candidate profiles with everyone you want
  • Manage interviews more effectively

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Collaborative Recruitment for Hiring Team

Mobile Recruiting

Anytime, anywhere access of recruiting data now with Jobsoid Recruiter Mobile App. Bringing the entire recruitment funnel at your fingertips, this app makes a perfect companion for the modern recruiter.


Why Recruiters Love Jobsoid ?

Cloud systems have become the go-to for just about every process that involves sensitive and important data, but have you ever considered why a smart ATS like Jobsoid makes so much sense for recruiters? Take a glance at some of the top ways through which Jobsoid cuts down the time, effort and frustration that so often goes hand-in-hand with recruitment:

Advertise Job Openings to Multiple Locations

Instead of searching for multiple job portals and then manually adding the same job opening and details to each one, let Jobsoid take over. Using a basic draft and any additional inputs or requirements upon which you wish to place emphasis, the system can advertise one or more job openings in multiple locations on your behalf, automatically.

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Depending on the way your company prefers to handle the recruitment process, you can customize the system’s workflow so it matches your own. Whether you are required to share an introduction video with each candidate after they submit a resume or applicants need to clear an online test before their application is accepted, Jobsoid can adapt itself to your needs.

Central Talent Pool

Access the responses from multiple portals where job openings have been posted, all in one place. Jobsoid collects and organizes the data from every application that is received for a post, saving you the time and trouble of updating each candidate’s details into a spreadsheet or shared document. So, when you start shortlisting potential applicants, the whole talent pool is just a click away.

Collaborative Team Hiring

For most companies, hiring someone for any position is not a decision made by one person alone. If the person heading the sales department needs to view the list of shortlisted candidates before they’re called in for interviews, or the entire design team needs to view an applicant’s sample work, you can set up access and permissions in exactly the way that works for you.

Intelligent Auto Filter Candidate Screening

If you’ve specified certain features that you’re looking for in a candidate, like qualifications, experience or skills, Jobsoid’s smart filter trims down the list of responses to those that meet your requirements. Since the requirements you specify are often crucial to a post, this can reduce the headache of reading through each application just to screen potential candidates.

Intelligent Interview Scheduler

Tracking and scheduling interviews can be especially cumbersome when you have a lot of shortlisted candidates for an opening or multiple interview rounds, or both. With an inbuilt calendar and intelligent features, Jobsoid offers help with everything from setting up a scheduled interview, to checking availability and suggesting open spots for multiple recruiters.

DEBBIE BULLOCKGroup Opportunities Manager at English Lakes

YONGLIN CHENConsultante Digital at Keley Consulting

SUMIL JALOTASr. Business Analyst at Axtrum

SUVARNA POTDARManager HR at Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers

PRANOY PAULExecutive HR & Admin at BiOZEEN

SUHAIL KANNAMPILLYSr. VP Operations at The Fern Hotels

Why Do I Need Jobsoid?

Whether you’re a small startup with no designated HR team or personnel, a small to medium-sized business with a small HR team or a larger organization with 10 or more HR personnel, you need Jobsoid! Why? Take a look at some of the key reasons why you should shift your recruitment process to our simple but intelligent web-based applicant tracking system:

1Spreadsheets & Email are history

2Communication & Recruitment Automation

3Candidate Management is Simplified

4Personalized Recruitment at your Fingertips

5Limitless Collaborative Recruitment

6Drives your Recruitment strategy saving time