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10 Best Job Boards in India

Poonam Jamuni on November 17, 2020 in Insights

Spotting talent using traditional advertising methods such as newspapers, radio or television takes a lot of hard work for the recruiters and hiring managers. The best and effective solution is to leverage online job boards to find the best candidates for job openings.

The success of finding the best candidates depends on various factors – the job board being the major one. The Human Resources Department usually needs a lot of time to research the top job portals in their location. Hence, we decided to help you out a bit by listing the 10 best job boards in India exclusively for you.

Let us start with the 10 best job boards in India.

  1. Indeed

    Indeed is one of the most popular job boards in India. It has over 25 crores visitors every month and 10 jobs listed every second globally. The Recruiter can find the top talent from a wider talent pool. Indeed offers free as well as paid job posting options. You can sponsor your jobs on this platform because sponsored jobs ensure greater visibility and reach.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  2. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor has millions of job opportunities along with company reviews. Companies can create their profiles on Glassdoor and promote their employer brand. They can also have their current as well as past employees can leave reviews on these profiles. There are approximately 50M monthly visitors with 90M job listings published on this job board. In addition to this, Glassdoor assists the company to hire highly qualified candidates with a great skill set.

  3. Shine

    With Shine, you can post jobs on behalf of your company as well as create job alerts. Shine is India’s most advanced job search engine to find relevant candidates. There are over 15,000+ companies registered on Shine and over 3.5+ crores candidates. Recruiters can post jobs free of cost. Furthermore, they also offer a Shine Premium version which will higher the visibility chance to Recruiters.

  4. QuikrJobs

    QuikrJobs assists recruiters to find the top candidates for the job positions. Industries belonging to various business verticals such as Hospitality, Networking/ IT, HR Administration, and many more are currently listed on QuikrJobs. You can post your job advertisement absolutely free on this platform.

  5. JobGrin

    JobGrin is one of the most popular job boards in India. It aids in connecting recruiters to find relevant candidates for the desired job positions. JobGrin currently has around 5 million job seekers. You can post your jobs on various industry verticals such as IT, Marketing, Customer service, and a lot more. Furthermore, they also offer services like creating resumes using templates, cover letter templates, and much more.

  6. Freshersworld

    Freshersworld is one of the top job search portals for freshers. Approximately 60K+ recruiters are hiring candidates through Freshersworld. Many startups, government institutions as well as MNCs from all over India are leveraging Freshersworld to hire smart candidates for their job roles.

  7. TimesJobs

    TimesJobs is one of the major job sites in India. It has over 15K monthly job postings with a database of 25M candidates registered under TimesJobs. As a Recruiter, you can find potential applicants for various industries which includes Sales, Finance, Engineering, Information technology, and others.

  8. Neuvoo

    Neuvoo aggregates all the job opportunities in one place. These job opportunities emerge from the career page, job boards, or staffing agencies. In total, it has over 75M monthly visitors worldwide as well as over 100+ job network partners. Recruiters can also sponsor the job posting wherein the chances of getting top talent is higher.

  9. PlacementIndia

    PlacementIndia has a large database of potential job seekers. Recruiters can choose the best candidate from a wider talent pool for the job vacancies. In addition to this, PlacementIndia has nearly 5 million job seekers registered under them. PlacementIndia provides free job posting as well as free verified access of applicants to the recruiters.

  10. WisdomJobs

    WisdomJobs is among the top job sites in India which offers skills testing assessment for the job seekers. It has about 30 million candidates registered under them of which around 14 million candidates are skill tested. The score of the candidates is exhibited to the recruiter assisting them to recruit faster.

Now, you have a comprehensive list of the 10 best job boards in India.

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Poonam Jamuni

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