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10+ Best Job Sites in Italy

Poonam Jamuni on November 22, 2020 in Insights

Advertising your job openings on various job sites is easier in recent times. You can find prospective candidates from a wider online talent pool. These job sites play an essential role in the recruitment company to hire the best fit for the job.

Most of the time, you can list your job openings free of cost in Italy. However, you can also promote your job advertisement for better reach as well as higher visibility. Finding the right job board that caters to your industry can sometimes be troublesome for a recruiter. Hence, we are here to help you find the best possible job site exclusively for you.

Let us now look at the 10+ best job sites in Italy.

  1. Indeed

    Indeed is the world’s #1 job search engine with about 250 million unique visitors every month. You can post your job advertisement for free as well as promote them on Indeed. The recruiter can find the most desirable talent using Indeed. Indeed has about 150 million candidates registered under their platform.

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  2. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor is one of the largest job recruiting sites in the world. In addition to this, it can help you leverage your employer brand. Millions of companies create their official profile on Glassdoor allowing employees to leave genuine feedback on the same. This job site has approximately 50M unique visitors every month with 9M job listings.

  3. Monster

    Monster is one of the leading job sites in Italy helping recruiters to find the best fit. Every minute, this job site has over 7900 job searches performed with over 29 CVs uploaded. Furthermore, approximately 2800 job ads are shown every minute on Monster.

  4. InfoJobs

    InfoJobs is one of the top recruiting sites in Italy. There are currently 34K job advertisements listed on this platform. It is said that there are roughly 79K companies registered under this platform across Italy. InfoJobs have nearly 6.3 million candidates have registered with them.

  5. XpatJobs

    XpatJobs have millions of jobs registered under them. The recruiter can advertise their job opening using an affordable subscription plan as per their requirements. Xpat focuses on various industry vertices such as Finance, HR, IT, Aerospace, Healthcare, and a lot more. XpatJobs assists recruiters as well as employment agencies to find and source the best talent.

  6. Thelocal

    This site is for Recruiters searching for candidates understanding the English language in Italy. The local job offers in all categories such as Teaching jobs, Sales jobs, Customer Service jobs, Marketing, and more.

  7. Cliccalavoro

    Cliccalavoro is a leading player in the online job advertising platform. In addition to this, it is a fast and effective platform that enables companies to optimize selection processes. This job portal is reported to be used by over 3 million users in a month.

  8. CarrieralN

    CarrieraIN is an online recruiting specialization portal. This portal has over 600 companies registered under them. CarrieraIN helps recruiters and hiring managers recruit young graduates. It has over 230,000 registered graduates registered with them.

  9. TotalJobs

    TotalJobs is one of the largest hiring platforms, with over 280,000 live job advertisements. This job site helps you recruit top talent by showing your jobs to the right candidates for the role. They also share job ads with their partner brands and other recruiters that work with them. Thereby, helping you reach a larger talent pool.

  10. CareerJet

    CareerJet is a job search engine that lets you find the right fit for the job opportunities. It acts as a huge database of job searches that are collected from various job boards, career pages, as well as from recruitment agencies websites. Careerjet examines data from about 1600 websites on a daily basis.

  11. TiptopJobs

    TipTopJob is a unique network of general and specialist job sites covering more than 85 countries. The job site provides services that promote a match between job advertisers, employers, as well as job seekers.

These are the 10+ best job sites in Italy. Discover the best talent by leveraging these job boards to post your jobs.

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