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5 Best Job Boards in France

Poonam Jamuni on November 11, 2020 in Insights

Choosing the right candidates for the job is one of the most crucial tasks for a hiring manager. Job boards help you to reach out to a wider range of candidates. With their extensive reach and users, these job sites allow you to post your post job advertisements and find the most suitable candidates without much effort.

The first step to create an engaging job advertisement is writing clear and concise job descriptions. And, most hiring managers find writing one to be difficult and time-consuming. Hence, we have compiled ready-made job description templates belonging to various industries to help you out. You can also use these job description templates to speed up your job posting process.

We have compiled this list of 5 best job boards in France just for you.

  1. Indeed

    Indeed is one of the best job boards in France. This job board will help you find amazing talent suitable for your job positions, no matter what industry you belong to. Indeed has over 250 million visitors every month. Indeed offers free job posting services to all its users. Furthermore, you can also sponsor your job ads for better visibility.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  2. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor is one of the largest recruiting job sites in the world. It helps recruiters hire quality candidates. It has over 50M unique monthly visitors and 100M job listings. You can also find over 70M company reviews, salaries, insights on this job board.

  3. Monster

    Monster assists hiring managers with greater visibility of talent they are looking for. Every minute, Monster has over 7900 job searches performed with over 29 CV uploaded. In addition to this, about 2800 job ads are shown every minute on Monster. Of late, Monster has started with video job advertisements to help convey clear job requirements to the candidates.

  4. Pole-emploi

    You can use Pole-emploi to hire candidates from a wide database of profiles in France. You can post your job advertisement in a few clicks for free. In addition to this, you can also sponsor your job ads on this board as well. It is reported that there are around 646,034 available jobs. Furthermore, they allow you to filter out the right candidates for your job needs.

  5. APEC

    APEC focuses on finding the right candidate for the job openings. Having around 77K+ job postings online, APEC ensures you exposure to a wider talent base on the search engine. APEC has about 313146 candidate profiles registered with them. In addition to this, APEC gives you the flexibility to draft job offer letters to preselect candidates.

These are the 5 best job boards in France. Find the best talent by leveraging these job boards to post your jobs.

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Poonam Jamuni

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