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5+ Best Job Sites in Singapore

Poonam Jamuni on November 7, 2020 in Insights

Nowadays, job seekers can make the best use of the internet to discover their dream job. The Internet presents you with a ton of job opportunities. However, finding genuine candidates is tough. Hiring managers should ensure that they do not fall into such a trap of fake candidate profiles.

That is why we are here to drive away all your recruitment obstacles. We have listed over 5+ best job sites in Singapore exclusively for you. This will assist you in hiring the right candidates for the right job roles. Having an enormous database of candidate profiles, these job boards will help you in finding the best talent in Singapore.

First and foremost, you need to write attractive job descriptions in order to attract the best candidates to your roles. You can refer to this library of job descriptions belonging to various industries to write your job description in a jiffy. The intuitive job description generator will also help you customize job descriptions according to your hiring needs.

Now, let us look at the 5+ best job sites in Singapore.

  1. BeamStart

    BeamStart is a global entrepreneurial platform for connecting people to valuable resources and job opportunities. With BeamStart, you can find clients, post your jobs, promote your company, and much more. Job seekers can filter the job search using keywords such as skills and location.

  2. Foundit Singapore (formerly Monster)

    Foundit is a global employment solution for job seekers as well as recruiters. Using Foundit, the recruiter and the hiring manager can find fresh grads as well as experienced professionals for the open position. This will assist you in making proper decisions that will in turn improve your ROI.

  3. JobCentral Singapore

    JobCentral is one of the largest career portals in Singapore. It has over 800,000 users registered with them. On an average, JobCentral reaches out to over 2 million people yearly with their products and services. They utilize innovative approaches to help your jobs reach out to job seekers. This helps your jobs receive the engagement they deserve.

  4. JobStreet

    JobStreet is the best among Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces. This job board employs advanced algorithms to index jobs according to keywords, location as well as educational specializations. Also, you can find the best talent by allowing them to view the company review. In addition to this, they also provide career resources for a faster and smooth hiring process.

  5. JobsDB

    JobsDB Singapore is a search engine for job listing exclusively in Singapore. You can organize candidates you receive from the different platforms all over Singapore. You can build a strong online talent tool with the help of this job site. Furthermore, JobsDB has partnered with JobStreet to show opportunities from the job market.

  6. Indeed Singapore

    Indeed is a powerful site to find, source, and hire candidates from all over Singapore. With a monthly reach of over 250M, Indeed ensures that your job postings reach out to all the talented candidates. You can also sponsor your job posting for higher-visibility and increase your chances of hiring top talent. It is noted that around 3000,000 companies use Indeed to hire candidates.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – https://www.jobsoid.com/how-to-post-a-job-on-indeed/

  7. FreelancerJobs

    FreelancerJobs helps job seekers to find part-time and freelance jobs all across Singapore. This job site has over 58K accomplished jobs, 118K registered job seekers and 31K registered hirers. You can subscribe to their premium plans for better job visibility and find the desired candidates. However, you can also post your job ads for free.

These were some of the best job sites in Singapore. You can post your job advertisements on these above-mentioned job boards to hire talent from a wider pool of qualified candidates.

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