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5 Ways to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Anjali Saini on June 5, 2024 in Employer Brand

The job market today is not only saturated but also highly competitive. Finding the right talent is becoming extremely difficult for brands. Therefore, building an employer brand can help you create distinction and attract top talent.

A strong employer brand is more than just flashy advertising for your business. It’s about getting your hands on the best talent and improving your reputation in the market. It’s about showing your employees and potential candidates what working for your company can be like. If you have a poor employer brand, around 69% of candidates will most likely refuse the job offer.

Let’s learn how to build an employer brand to stand out in the market.

What is an employer brand?

Employer brand refers to the reputation of the employer as an organization. It can range from values to company culture. Both potential and current employees look deeper into the employer brand while or before working with the company. Not only does a strong employer brand influence recruitment, but it also plays an important role in enhancing the reputation of the company.

Benefits of developing an employer brand

Some of the major benefits of establishing a strong employer brand include the following:

  • Get top talent

    The top talents are often attracted to employers who offer high value to the candidates and their employees. So, developing an employer brand ensures that you attract the best talent and eventually hire them as full-time employees.

  • Lower recruitment cost

    With a strong employer brand, you eventually become a magnet for attracting the best talent. Businesses that make consistent investments in their employer brand experience a 50% decrease in cost-per-hire. This eventually lowers your cost of recruitment.

  • Better employee retention

    Building an employer brand not only attracts top talent but also plays a vital role in retaining employees. The employees are likely to feel proud that they’re working for you and will try to put in their best efforts for engagement, thereby increasing the chances of retention.

  • Improve company culture

    Your employer brand is one of the easiest ways to improve your company culture. Since you’ll get top candidates and retain them, it will also play an important role in increasing engagement. The increase can eventually help to foster a strong company culture.

How do companies build their brand to potential employees?

Building an employer brand takes work. After all, you must put in effort from the beginning to establish yourself as trustworthy in space.

Thus, some of the key ways through which you can improve employer branding are as follows:

  • Define company core values

    Company culture is one of the top priorities for around 46% of candidates when applying for an open position. Therefore, it is important to highlight the company’s core values and culture when building an employer brand.

    Defining the company’s core values from the initial stage is important in attracting top talents, as they align with their thoughts. As a result, it can lead to higher job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

  • Offer an employee value proposition

    Employee value proposition is paramount to businesses, especially because it guarantees safety. Almost all the employees look into EVP during the hiring process. EVP refers to the organization’s offerings given to employees in exchange for skills and dedication.

    In the employee value proposition, it is important to highlight what you are offering to the employees. You need to mention the perks and growth opportunities employees can get while working with you.

  • Highlight employee stories

    Always highlight what your employees have to say about the company. It plays an important role in employer brand development as it crafts a positive impression. Encourage your employees to share their stories within the organization.

    You may use testimonials, blog posts, and video stories to highlight the employee stories. These can provide an authentic and better insight to the employees about your organization’s culture.

  • Invest in employee development

    When you invest in employee development, you’re delivering a positive message to your potential employees. It helps the brand to come off as the one that cares for the growth and development of the employees.

    When employees receive opportunities to improve their skills, this eventually increases their productivity. As a result, it not only helps their performance improve on the job but also ensures a higher level of job satisfaction.

  • Share achievements on social media

    Social media is one of the best places to highlight your experiences. As an employer, you must use social media to share authentic company culture views. Whether hiring or sharing success stories, social media can play an important role in the long run.

    Sharing your achievements on social media is important in improving your reputation as an employer. However, apart from reposting, it is advisable that you also share a few behind-the-scenes pictures. Having a unique approach to social media presence can be of great help.

How to improve employer branding?

As an employer, you need to offer a unique selling proposition for your business in front of candidates and employees. This helps them get an idea of the positive experience they are likely to get within the company.

Moreover, consider optimizing the careers page so that candidates can stay updated about potential openings. You must work with the marketing team and constantly revolutionize the employee value proposition to maintain company culture.

Summing Up

A strong employer brand is important today, especially for your business’s growth. It plays a vital role in fostering a positive company culture. To build a strong employer brand, assess your current situation and identify the chances of improvement. To make the most of employer branding for recruitment, choose Jobsoid. It can help you attract the right talent with a strong brand.

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