6 Proven Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity That Attracts A Players

Kelly Barcelos February 10, 2017in Recruitment Strategy
6 Proven Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity That Attracts A Players
    • Identify Your Cultural Values and Define Them

What according to you inspires a candidate to apply? An attractive compensation? A balanced work-life? A meaningful career ladder? Or all of these? Today’s candidate desires a dream job that offers a conducive environment, helpful co-workers and an encouraging boss, over and above a high salary and  job satisfaction. Can your cultural values play a role here?

Use your core values to tell the world why you are a great place to work at. When prospective candidates will feel that their personal goals are aligned with your core values and philosophy, they would not want to go elsewhere.

To help you draft your own set of core values, we’ve curated some of the best examples of actionable values.


    • Revamp Your Careers Site to Communicate Your Culture

Bring things to life with videos and pictures because they are far more appealing than content. However, be sure to use light images that are easy to load on mobiles and keep the videos short. Ensure that your careers site offers clear navigation that allows your candidates to connect with you seamlessly because for them it is one-stop-shop with a single decision to make – apply or not.

Here are a few other points that you can incorporate to improve your careers site significantly:

      • Video testimonials from your current staff
      • Pictures that reflect collaboration, fun, and interactive elements
      • A motivating mission statement that truly inspires to apply
      • A clear definition of the talent and skills you are looking for
      • Messaging that narrates a story of your growth

Getting candidates interested is not an easy thing to do but your careers site is a great marketing tool that can be efficiently used to attract A Players. After analyzing several career pages online, we collated these outstanding examples that are totally worth replicating in your careers site.

    • Start Building Your Talent Pipeline

A personalized email to every applicant that is sent out within a few minutes of receiving the application is a perfect start that just cannot go wrong. Make it happen every time by creating standard templates for different scenarios and save time by automating them with an ATS. To help you stay responsive and consistent with your communications, we’ve curated standard recruiting emails templates that can be used to reduce your workload:


    • Turn your Existing Top Talent into Brand Ambassadors

Reviews and ratings from existing employees rank much higher in connecting without prospects and creating trust as compared to your marketing campaigns and job adverts. This is why more than 40% jobseekers rely on employee reviews when they sit to zero down on their potential employers. Identify high performers who are truly engaged and committed to your cultural values and mobilize them to promote your brand on social channels.

Leverage their social networks and personal interests to expand your network and establish your credibility in the market. Have your highly connected employees post, tweet and share about important organizational updates, promote open positions, and publish their personal and organizational achievements. When this internal arsenal is used for advocacy, you can easily attract prospective candidates and influence them with your brand power.

    • Ensure an Awesome Candidate Experience – Because poor reviews and word of mouth travel at jet speed

A bad candidate experience does a lot of damage to your brand reputation and a good candidate experience is the easiest way to boost your brand identity. Both are going to create a buzz in the market so it is important that as an employer, you invest in delivering a great user experience. But how can you ensure that every candidate has a fantastic experience?

Jobsoid reached out to experts in the recruiting industry and got to know what goes into ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Here are their top tips on how to create a great candidate experience:

      • It is important to have a mobile responsive careers site that loads on every device in less than 5 seconds (because first impressions are everything)
      • Integrating popular social networking sites in your careers site makes the entire application process quick and easy
      • Keep the application process short and specific – don’t waste their time
      • Brand your automated emails with company logo and corporate videos
      • Keep the candidate notified at every stage of the sourcing funnel right from sourcing to onboarding
      • Replace standard questions and cookie-cutter interviews with a personalized interview session

      • More than 90% of people you interview won’t get the job and so it is important that you give negative feedback to help them get more training or experience or point out areas where they can improve and reapply. The way you reject a candidate can have a profound impact in the long run so do not send email rejections to candidates

      • If your vacancy is filled before a candidate could face the interview process, be sure to inform him/her and give a closure appreciating their interest and the time they invested
      • Be consistent with your verbal and written communications and don’t forget to personalize every conversation
      • Make sure that no candidate goes unanswered and if this sounds like too much work, use automation to your advantage

Knowing what makes an excellent candidate experience is one thing and ensuring a great experience is another thing altogether. So, begin before the candidate applies to an awesome careers page and make every candidate feel respected and appreciated even if things end with a rejection. If you want your brand to be remembered for all the right reasons, keep your candidates involved, aware and updated at every step.

    • Integrate Technology to Uniquely Position Your Brand as an Employer

Any forward-thinking company consistently adapts to change and keeps pace with advancing technology. In the recent years, recruitment has also reached a new level of sophistication. With the advent of applicant tracking systems, employers are now optimizing their application procedures for mobile devices. It allows recruiters to customize and streamline the entire sourcing funnel from start to finish. An ATS automates every single procedure right from keeping in touch with candidates and scheduling interviews to sharing candidate reviews with team members and filtering the right fit.

With a fully-loaded applicant tracking system, recruiters can post jobs on multiple job boards and social channels in minutes, customize application forms, download multiple attachments in a single click, keep a constant track of applicants at every stage, customize the recruitment workflow, tag candidates for faster filtering, send real-time notifications to candidates, notify team members on upcoming interviews and track progress using accurate reports.

It is running recruitment processes end-to-end enabling hr professionals to speed up the entire process and improve the quality of hires. In a candidate-driven market, an ATS helps you clear the clutter and gain a competitive advantage. It is empowering progressive companies to enhance productivity and reduce costs even as the ongoing war for talent gets fierce. You too can become an employer of choice with this innovation in technology!

So streamline your entire process from start to finish with Jobsoid’s free trial. Get started now to save your time and effort.

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.