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7+ Best Job Posting Sites in Portugal

Poonam Jamuni on January 8, 2021 in Insights

Job posting sites are an effective way to find the top qualified candidates for your open vacancies. These job posting sites will allow companies to post your job advertisement for free. In addition to this, your job advertisement will reach a wider candidate pool in a short amount of time.

If you are searching for a qualified candidate in Portugal, then you have come to the right place. We have sorted your hiring process by listing 7+ best job posting sites in Portugal exclusive for you. Now, all you need to do is post your job advertisement directly to these job posting sites.

Some job posting sites offer additional features such as filtering candidates, online candidate databases, mobile applications, and many more. These sites, in turn, help hiring teams reduce the hiring obstacles. In addition to this, you can also sponsor your job posting to maximize your reach and find the most suitable candidates for the job.

Here are 7+ best job posting sites in Portugal

  1. Indeed

    Indeed is among the best job posting sites in the world. It allows you to search for candidates as per your job specifications. This job posting site has a large number of candidates registered with them, including around 175 million resumes. Approximately 300000 companies use this amazing platform to hire candidates. Indeed has 250 unique visitors monthly from various corners of the world. This job board has at least ten job opportunities added per second, according to the statistics.

    Learn how to publish your jobs on Indeed in this blog – Post a job on Indeed

  2. Adecco

    This job posting site is among the best job boards in Portugal. Adecco is the best place for potential candidates and companies to find and communicate with each other. This job site has offered jobs to around 24,000 candidates. Adecco currently has about 424 total job offers available. With Adecco, you can hire the best candidates and promote your recruitment needs accordingly.

  3. Net-Empregos

    Net-Empregos is the number one job posting site in Portugal. This job site has over 35,995 active job offers. Having over 222,115 companies registered under them, this job posting site is said to have around 4,882,371 active candidates. Furthermore, you can select your desired candidates using their online resume database. Finding the right candidate with Net-Empregos is now a simplified process. Although you can also publish your job ads for free, you can also sponsor your job advertisement for better visibility.

  4. BonsEmpregos

    BonsEmpregos is one of the most important job portals in Portugal since 2007. Their main goal is to assist companies to hire top-quality candidates as per recruitment requirements. Also, there are approximately 32,531 job offers active on BonsEmpregos. In addition to this, you can visit the candidate’s profile that includes all the required information such as experience, qualification, intended salary, and so on, to find the best fit.

  5. Expressoemprego

    Expressoemprego is a leading job posting site in Portugal. It is noted that Expressoemprego has 995 active job postings. This job site will assist you in finding the most suitable candidates for your open vacancies. More than 400 thousand potential candidates are registered under this job site. The Recruiter and Hiring Manager can filter out candidates based on various job criteria to select candidates.

  6. Alertaemprego

    This is a new and famous recruitment portal in Portugal. Alertaemprego has over 600,00 monthly visitors and more than 185,000 candidates registered with them. Thus, it has one of the largest talent pools across Portugal. You can advertise your job to reach more candidates and greater visibility.

  7. JobsinLisbon

    JobsinLisbon is another most popular job board in Lisbon. You can find highly professional candidates, mainly English-speaking candidates. This job site is also available in other parts of the world to help Hiring managers and recruitment agencies to hire seamlessly. You can opt for various advertisement plans as per your hiring criteria.

  8. EmpregosOnline

    EmpregosOnline is the best job posting among Portugal’s leading online employment market. This job posting site will help you in searching for the most desirable candidates for the jobs. They offer services like online visibility, social media advertising, controlling your recruitment process, and more. EmpregosOnline has more than 700,000 candidates who use this amazing platform to find their dream job.

These were the 7+ best job posting sites in Portugal. You can use these job boards to find potential applicants for your job openings.

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