Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

7 Big Benefits of Hiring Through an Applicant Tracking System

Bhavit Naik on July 5, 2018 in Applicant Tracking System

As the war for top talent continues to intensify, recruiters are compelled to re-think their recruitment strategies. The mounting pressure on recruiters to attract high-quality candidates with an increasing shortage of top-choice talent has lead many employers to implement talent acquisition software to tap elusive talent while easing the workload of recruiters. Investing in applicant tracking system has several far-reaching benefits for your business.

7 Solid Benefits Of Using An Applicant Tracking System

  1. Flexibility for Both Employers and Employees

    Talent acquisitions software not only helps employers automate and accelerate the recruitment process but also improves the application experience for the job seekers by allowing them to apply directly from their social profiles. They can submit resumes without having to go the company’s career site and fill out the application form on their mobile device on-the-go.

    Talent acquisition also allows customization of the application process, making the process faster and easier for both the recruiter and the candidates. It also sends instant application acknowledgment emails so applicants are not kept waiting only to know later that their resume was not accepted.

  2. Time Efficient

    Talent acquisition software greatly reduces the time-to-hire by automating everything from job postings and emailing to resume parsing and screening. This not only reduces the amount of manual work but also improves the overall quality of hire.

  3. Cost-Effective

    By automating tedious and time-consuming recruitment tasks, the talent acquisition software also helps recruiters cut back on the cost incurred per hire.

    Since time is money, talent acquisition software helps companies save a lot of time which is otherwise invested on manual tasks. This makes the process more productive and cost-efficient while reducing the recruitment spend.

  4. Improves Candidate Quality

    Research shows that 79% of recruiters who use recruiting software have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of candidates they hire.

    Since top choice candidates are on the market only for 2 weeks and off the market for 2 whole years, talent acquisition software helps hiring teams tap those top candidates before competitors snatch them. By automating candidate communication at every stage, talent acquisition software not only helps recruiters attract and engage candidates but also improves the candidate experience.

    A positive candidate experience increases the candidate conversion rate, encourages them to reapply in future and also brings in more referrals.

  5. Facilitates Faster Decision Making from Anywhere

    Talent acquisition software facilitates real-time collaboration in the recruiting team and also makes it possible for recruiters to tag candidate profiles for easy categorization.

    These profiles can then be added to the favorites list for quick and easy decision making. By centralizing all the candidate information in a single, easy-to-access database; talent acquisition software helps recruiters make better hiring decisions.

  6. Expands Recruitment Reach with Mobile Functionality

    With more than 70% jobseekers looking for opportunities on mobile apps and social platforms, mobile responsive recruiting software allows instant access to a talented pool of professionals who are proactively looking for a change. It also enables recruiters to track the performance of every source so they can materialize sourcing strategies for maximum conversions.

  7. Auto Generates Accurate Reports in Real-time

    Recruiting software collates all the mission-critical information to create customized reports that enable hiring managers to monitor recruitment performance.

    From tracking the effectiveness of a job posting to monitoring the efficiency of social platforms to ensuring process compliance, recruiting software provides actionable data that helps optimize existing processes and procedures. This helps companies get maximum returns on the massive amount of time and money they spend.

All of these benefits are crucial to your company’s long-term success. So, revamp your recruitment approach today with Jobsoid’s free trial and test all of these benefits free of charge! Sign up now.

Bhavit Naik

Bhavit Naik is the Co-Founder & CEO at Jobsoid Inc. Being a serial entrepreneur with ventures across industries including IT, Hospitality, Real-estate, and Construction, Bhavit knew what exactly was needed to simplify the mundane hiring processes. He built Jobsoid to eliminate the hassles of tedious recruiting process and help businesses hire better, faster.