Informative articles to get a clear understanding of the most common HR terminologies and processes.

From Sourcing to Onboarding and Everything in Between

This article speaks about the basics of recruitment and everything that goes into crafting the perfect recruitment process. Read this article to learn how you can streamline your existing hiring processes.

100+ Smart Recruitment Strategies to Source Stellar Candidates

This article is about effective recruitment strategies that you can implement in your hiring process. These tried and tested tips will surely help you in attracting stellar candidates for your job roles.

A Definitive Guide covering everything from key features to functionality to business benefits.

Applicant Tracking System or ATS plays a major role in optimizing your hiring processes. Read this article to know more about how ATS works and its key features.

Everything You need to know about building your company's reputation and talent brand.

Employer branding is essential in order to attract stellar candidates to your company. It also helps in engaging and retaining top talent. Read this article to know how you can build your employer brand in a few simple steps.

A Comprehensive Guide to help you with how to hire employees.

Hiring the right talent for your jobs is important for the success of any business. This article speaks about various hiring tips and techniques that you can practice to hire the best employees.

A Guide for writing a Good Job Offer Letter.

Sending a formal job offer letter is also one of the important parts of the recruitment process. This article talks about the importance of writing an excellent job offer letter. Implement the tips mentioned in this article and take your recruiting efforts to the next level.

A Comprehensive Guide to help your hire best talent via Social Media

This article is about the basics of social media recruiting and how you can leverage social media to hire the best talent for your job roles. Read this article to learn hiring on social media using effective strategies. 

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