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ATS: Your Key to Perfecting The Employee Onboarding Process

Kelly Barcelos on June 30, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Any enterprise is just as good as the people who run the processes and procedures. Captivating brand logos, convincing business plans, and compelling buzzwords are absolutely worthless when you don’t have great people to put them into action.

So how can you ensure that your hiring managers are highly effective salespeople and also well versed with the best employee onboarding practices? Are they ensuring that your new employees bloom after being planted and take advantage of the opportunities presented to them?

Below are 4 ways an ATS ensures that your new hires bloom into best performers:

  1. Makes the Big Transition Smooth and Helps Your Recruits Bloom

    Starting a new job can be highly stressful as it bombards the new hire with an information overload. Make this big transition easy for your new employee with a warm welcome. You can start with an internal and external announcement so your new hire feels welcome, less nervous and more responsible from the very first day.

    When you are making your welcome announcement, make sure you also include the following details about him/her:

    • The role he/she would be fulfilling in your organization

    • Academic achievement and past projects

    • Favorite activities beyond work

    • Any other detail that can break the ice and bring the new hire closer to coworkers

    This will give your new hires a sense of purpose and make them feel valued. A welcome would not be complete without a new desk, internet access, phone and other essentials. Take the experience to a whole new level with some fine dining in a relaxed setting.

    Also, make sure that your new hire receives a brief of:

    • The major roles and responsibilities

    • Your company’s normal work hours

    • The tentative plan for the work week

    • All the tech tools he/she would be using

    • Your company policies and benefits

    Communication plays a crucial role here but it takes time. Reduce your workload with an ATS that lets you create personalized email templates that have the correct structure and tone. When your hiring ends and onboarding begins, express your enthusiasm with a customized welcome email that conveys all the important information and get things right from the very start.

  2. Ensures that all Necessary Resources are Readily Available

    Accelerate your onboarding process with a ready list of key resources for every new hire. Use an ATS to automate the process and make sure that your email covers everything from team bios and hierarchy to floor plans and annual reports.

    Once you have pulled all the information together, personalize the template and send it to the new hire. These key details will help you familiarize a new hire with the surroundings and projects. Having all the important resources handy can prove to be invaluable for a new hire who is already struggling to understand who’s who and how things are done.

  3. Reduces New Hire Ramp Up Time and Instills Ownership

    It typically takes 3-4 months to ramp up any new hire but a feature-rich ATS can cut this time down to half even with a high-volume recruiting process. Considering the fact that millennials are tech-savvy, an ATS will help ensure that no steps are missed and your new hires are all set to take up their new responsibilities with confidence.

  4. Pinpoints Problem Areas in Real-time

    No two recruiters can be alike when it comes to work efficiency. While one may have excellent time management skills but still be inefficient at telephonic communication, the other may be a complete social butterfly but suck at sourcing.

    An Applicant Tracking System efficiently tracks performance metrics of your hiring team for accurate comparison of qualitative communication, productivity and performance.This helps HR managers customize feedback for recruiters and point out problem areas.

    With an ATS you don’t have to wait an entire quarter to discover that a recruiter needs to be more productive in a specific area. Squash minor faults before they become deeply etched and the damage goes beyond repair.

Integrate Jobsoid with your onboarding system to ensure that no steps are missed, errors and delays are eliminated, the flow of information is consistent and all hiring decisions are analyzed in real-time while saving time and reducing hassles. Sign up for a free account now and turn your new hires into productive employees from Day 1!

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.