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Best 5 Job Boards for Finance Industry

Poonam Jamuni on September 2, 2021 in Insights

The finance industry plays a significant role as it handles all the finances of the organization. The finance department normally looks for professionals who are trustworthy, loyal, as well as dedicated to the job. Some of the top job positions in this industry are Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, among many others.

To attract the best-fits for the open vacancies all you need to do is choose niche-specific job boards. As an employer, we understand it is difficult to search for a specific job board to promote your jobs. Therefore, we have come up with this list of best job boards for the Finance industry exclusively for you.

In this blog, we will understand the skills required for finance professionals followed by the best 5 job boards for the Finance industry.

Here are some skills that you need to keep in mind before you recruit Finance personnel.

  • Sound knowledge of various financial services used in the industry.
  • Understanding of market trends and financial practices.
  • Excellent knowledge of investment banking.
  • A strategic thinker.
  • Outstanding analytical and arithmetic skills.
  • A sharp eye for details.

We have compiled the best 5 job boards for the Finance industry.

  1. eFinancialCareers

    eFinancialCareers is one of the best job boards to hire finance candidates. You need to create your employer’s account on this job board to post your job advertisements. eFinancialCareers has around 1.7 million monthly users and 950K visible candidate profiles.

    Besides this, they offer other services such as employer branding, career events, sourcing services, and many others. To know about their pricing plans for job advertising, you will require to contact the eFinancialCareers sales team.

  2. FinancialJobsWeb

    FinancialJobsWeb is yet another famous job board to recruit the best candidates for your jobs. This job board is straightforward and has a competitive pricing plan. The plans include bronze, silver, and gold packages. You can choose any one of them based on your hiring requirements. Also, according to the Chicago web design professionals, this is one of the best examples of quality UI design

    Along with posting your job advertisements, you can also create your company profile on this platform. Numerically speaking, FinancialJobsWeb has approximately 811 employers that are registered under them. Additionally, you can access over 16,387 resumes on this website.

  3. CareerBank

    CareerBank is another job board for employers that are looking for a candidate in the Finance industry. This job site provides services like search resumes, featured employers, and more. You must register with CareerBank first before you post your job advertisement. Note that your advertisement may take up to one hour to show up on the site.

    It is said that this job board has around 264,392 job seekers registered with them. Also, you can search their resumes database to find your perfect match. Similarly, the pricing plans on this job site are simplified based on the type of job advertisements.

  4. Financialjobbank

    Financialjobbank is the next popular job board to find and recruit the candidate for the Finance department. Job advertising on Financialjobbank is paid. You will require to select one of their pricing plans to advertise your job ads on this job site. Statistically, this job board has 72,459 finance jobs currently active on this site.

    Apart from this, new finance jobs are being added every week on this job board. Around 2L companies are hiring through Financialjobbank. This job board is the best solution to all your hiring needs.

  5. Indeed

    Lastly, we have on our list is Indeed which is the number one job site in the world. This job board will assist you in hiring the best and qualified finance professionals. The advantage of this job site is that you can advertise your jobs for free. Furthermore, you can also sponsor your jobs for better reach and visibility.

    There are approximately 250 million monthly visitors on Indeed. Moreover, you can also create a company profile to build a powerful employer brand.

These were the best 5 job boards for the Finance industry. Make use of these job boards to hire the best-fits for your finance job roles faster.

To simplify your hiring tasks, we would suggest you use an Applicant Tracking System like Jobsoid. Jobsoid will allow you to post your job advertisements on these above-mentioned job boards without even visiting them manually. This process can be done in just a few clicks. Along with this, you can also send questionnaires to the prospective candidate to speed up your candidate screening process.

In addition to this, to make your recruitment job easier, we also have a list of job descriptions for various Finance job positions. These are totally customizable according to your hiring concerns.

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Poonam Jamuni

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