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Tips for a Killer Candidate Sourcing Strategy in Recruitment

Sunny Chawla on March 19, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

The recruitment market has actually seen vibrant modifications in the last few years. The employment experts are adopting ingenious recruitment techniques and methods to ensure effective candidate sourcing.

If you are looking for new inputs in recruitment, human resources, staffing, as well as Human Resources technology, then you should follow the latest trends in the HR industry. You should always make efforts to stay on top of your recruitment game.

The recruitment influencers regularly share their ideas, concepts, experiences, and also expertise online. Following these top HR and Recruitment leaders will keep you updated about the current HR patterns. In addition to this, you will also be aware of the recent HR technologies. For example – applicant tracking systems, talent sourcing tools, smart interview scheduler, employer branding tools, etc.

To assist you to keep up with the most recent developments in hiring and employment, you can follow these recruitment believed leaders and best corporate headhunters. By following them, you can embrace what is relevant and also stay on top of industry patterns. The majority of recruiters desire for building a talent pool loaded with skilled, qualified candidates. But, it can take years of effort and also a balanced amount of experimentation to manage such a task.

Tips for Candidate Sourcing Strategy in Recruitment

Sourcing and recruiting passive candidates for your job postings is a tedious task. You ought to have an effective recruitment sourcing strategy and a structured recruitment process to target these candidates and make a good hire.

Here are some effective tips that you can implement in your candidate sourcing strategy.

Tip #1 – Be targeted

Personalization needs to be a piece of cake. Make sure to embed the prospect’s name, and personalize the content of your message. You should also let them know that you have checked their past work as well as their LinkedIn profiles.

Having just connected to the candidate, you need to let them know the reason why you are connecting with them. You can talk about particular projects they have actually carried out in the past. You can also talk about the problems that they would resolve at your company. Locate uncommon commonness.

You need to them that it is not a bulk e-mail.

Tip #2 – Know the distinction in between sources as well as additional recruiters

Usually, in a staffing agency scenario, Recruiters locate as well as certify quality candidates while employers handle the hiring procedures. The hiring team interacts with the candidate when he/she is taken into consideration or is interested in your job openings until the time he/she is hired.

If you’re collaborating with a team providing professional services, it will be advisable to define the actions as well as the timeline for sourcing and employing procedures to make your hiring process simpler to take care of the workload.

Tip #3 – Plan your sourcing approach

This is one of the most important steps towards building a successful candidate sourcing strategy. You should make the effort to evaluate the job’s needs and then develop and construct the perfect candidate personas. Prospect characters are developed by specifying the features, skills, and qualities that make up your excellent hire. You can use these personas as a standard when sourcing potential prospects.

Tip #4 – Understand the task needs

Before you start a brand new candidate search, you ought to understand your job needs entirely. There will certainly be candidates out there who would not be working at the level you are hiring for but could have the knowledge and ability for the same. You can let your hiring managers know about the same and consider them for higher-level positions.

Tip #5 – Start your sourcing efforts with the existing talent pool

You will surely have records of all the candidates who had applied for your jobs via job boards, social media or simply, email in your applicant tracking system. You must keep in mind that you have already conducted tasks to locate as well as involve with these prospects in your recruitment process. That is the reason why there is no need to duplicate that job once more.

Tip #6 – Establish your Worker Value Proposal

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the ‘people deal’ that defines why a person would wish to join your company, and what the company expects in return from the candidate. While the EVP is a lot more connected with the company’s employer branding than pipelining or sourcing, a strong EVP will certainly equip you with a sales pitch when calling easy candidates. So, it is necessary to put in some time to define your employer value proposition.

Tip #7 – Welcome a collaborative method

With the shortage of finding the candidates with desired skillsets, you will certainly require some aid finding candidates for your talent pool. You can implement a collaborative-hiring strategy that includes a wider team of contributors thus broadening your resources as well as network. In this manner, you are increasing the odds of finding competent candidates for your talent pipeline.

Tip #8 – Mine your ATS for hidden gems

If you use an applicant tracking system in your employment efforts, you have an amazing talent pool within your reach. Mining your existing ATS for prospects can be the simplest and most economical method to find great talent. Just because a candidate was not the best for one position does not imply that he would not be the ideal fit for the second time.

Tip #9 – Launch an employee referral program

You should leverage the power of your employees’ social connections to hire the best talent. Launch an employee referral program and invite your existing employees to refer candidates to you.

  • Incentivize references – A motivation program can give that additional bit of inspiration your workers need to begin reaching out to their individual networks. There’s no need to fret if a cash money payout is not a practical option. You can promise some non-financial incentives that could work wonders for your company.
  • Do not postpone the payment – If you do develop a worker recommendation reward program– cash-based or otherwise– delaying the payout is just one of the worst blunders you can make. If your employees know the fruits of their labor will not be understood for months, they are much less likely to participate.
  • Promote, advertise, advertise – If you want your employees to take part in your referral program, you have to see to it they know about it. Have a look at these instances of imaginative methods to introduce your staff members to the referral program.

Tip #10 – Host your own events

Hosting your very own recruiting occasion guarantees that your company will be the star of the show. However, the success or failure of the event exclusively on you and your company. You can always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You can also partner up with an event planner in the case if you are not proficient in managing such events.

Tip #11 – Join third-party events

The next candidate sourcing strategy you can follow is participating in third-party recruiting occasions. Typically, such events feature numerous businesses. So, you will not be the only game in the area. These occasions are planned and also executed by the host, which will allow you to concentrate on your pitch.

Tip #12 – Participate in university recruiting events

Sourcing from college recruiting events can be especially beneficial for organizations that aren’t employing right now but are planning to fill open positions in the future. It is an excellent chance to get your business on trainees’ radar as well as add certified entry-level candidates to your talent pipe.

You can plan a killer candidate sourcing strategy by following these above-mentioned tips. Employing an all-in-one recruitment software like Jobsoid to execute your candidate sourcing strategy is very important. It helps you speed up your recruitment processes and save time. You can sign up for a Free Account today and get started with candidate sourcing!

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