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Top 5 Candidate Sourcing Techniques You Must Definitely Try in 2022!

Kelly Barcelos on January 12, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

It is a well-known fact across all industry domains that sourcing good candidates are the first step towards better talent acquisition. Every Human Resource or Recruitment Professional identifies a list of potential candidates for a particular job profile. It has become one of the most important tasks on their to-do lists. Though sourcing talent may look like a daunting task to many, experienced recruitment professionals depend on these 5 trusted methods.

Relying only on one source for candidate sourcing is something that you should not do. There are higher chances that you might miss out on the best candidates from the other sources. So, how do you start with candidate sourcing? Which sourcing techniques should you follow so that you improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process?

Here is the list of five leading candidate sourcing techniques that are used by many hiring teams for effective candidate sourcing.

Online Job Postings

Advertising your jobs online on various job boards has proven to be one of the best candidate sourcing techniques. These job boards not just display your jobs on their portal but also include them in their job alert emails and newsletters. Thus, your jobs reach out to a wider and more relevant audience.

Your jobs could attract a large number of active job seekers. This way, you have the advantage of choosing the best talent from among this candidate pool.

One click posting to multiple job boards using Jobsoid

You can also promote your jobs to a targeted audience by sponsoring your jobs on these job boards. Sponsoring your jobs ensures maximum reach as your jobs are placed higher on the search results page.

The only drawback of this candidate sourcing technique is that it fails to target passive candidates. There will be many candidates out there who could be well suited for your role. But since they are not actively looking for jobs, they might not have time to pursue these opportunities.

However, this technique of job posting is still a great way to attract top talent who are proactively searching for a job.

Social Media Platforms

Recruiting on social media is also considered to be an effective candidate sourcing technique in recent times. Today, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have gained popularity as social platform that identifies promising candidates for recruitment.

Social Sharing using Jobsoid

LinkedIn is regularly used by potential candidates to inform the global community of their availability for job changes.

Apart from LinkedIn, recruiters have also turned to Facebook and Twitter in order to advertise their jobs by sharing on social media. These social recruiting platforms can also be used to source desired candidate profiles. Recruiters and hiring managers can closely examine and monitor the profiles and activity of potential candidates in a much better way. They can now ascertain if these candidates fit well in their job requirements.

Recruitment Database

Your Talent Acquisition team should maintain a database of potential candidates as a part of your recruiting strategy. These could be candidates who applied in the past or sourced through another channel.

You could always stumble upon some good candidates from this talent pool. It would be much easier to connect with such qualified candidates when the desired opening is available. Maintaining a Talent pool is a must for sourcing passive candidates.

Maintaining your Talent Pool in Jobsoid

In the event of an available job vacancy, this database would often be the first source of reference. You no longer have to post jobs on multiple job boards or depend on recruiters. You would have a ready talent pool to source quality candidates.

With a reliable applicant tracking system, the task of shortlisting candidates becomes much simpler and more effective. With Jobsoid, you can easily find relevant candidates from your talent pool using the AI-powered Smart Filter.

Employee Referrals

Tap into your employee network and ask them to refer candidates to you. There are many organizations that have successfully implemented employee referral programs. You can reward your employees with some referral bonuses or other awards for every successful referral. Offering a referral bonus for existing employees is a highly efficient sourcing method and also a great way of employer branding.

Jobsoid Referral Portal

Your existing employees very well know what kind of candidates you are looking for. Allowing them to recommend candidates to you will, in turn, add a filter to your candidate shortlisting process. This is because your employees will refer only those candidates who would fit well in your job requirements and thus, the work environment.

Finding the ideal candidate would not be a difficult task with this candidate sourcing strategy. A referral portal like the one shown above might be a great start to offering a good candidate experience.

Recruiter Network

Collaborating with your recruiter network can also prove to be a great source for sourcing prospective candidates. These recruiting agencies already have a huge talent pool of active as well as passive candidates.

Sharing Candidates between Recruiting Agencies and Employers

They can share the list of available candidates for your job vacancies with you. This talent pool is updated on a regular basis. You could have access to the latest updates on these candidates including their current engagements, employment histories as well as salary details.

You can also ask your recruiters to share such candidate profiles into your ATS directly through their Recruiter CRM. With Jobsoid, sharing candidates and collaboration between recruiting agencies and employers can be achieved with a simple setup.

Recruitment is an evolving process in every organization; every recruiter and human resource professional has innovated this process over the years. Recruitment software like Jobsoid is also evolving new techniques to help hire professionals in sourcing the best talent in the shortest time possible. While candidates may have abundant options for employment, it is essential for hiring teams to invent new avenues to achieve the desired results.


Candidate sourcing has become one of the crucial tasks of the hiring process. Jobsoid allows you to implement all these candidate sourcing techniques in a jiffy. It has all the tools to get your candidate sourcing strategy in place. Sign up for a FREE account and kick start your talent sourcing efforts with our award-winning recruitment software today!

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