Personalize your Careers Portal

Make the right first impression on your candidates with this beautifully-designed, mobile-friendly careers portal. Attract great talent by strengthening your employer brand.

Professional themes and layouts

Set a theme which goes well with the color scheme of your company website. Jobsoid also allows you to present your portal in different layouts. Show it in either full-width responsive layout or boxed container format.


Add a professional look to your careers page!

themes and layouts

Beautifully designed pages

Add multiple pages to your careers portal and design them beautifully with attractive headers, image galleries, and engaging textual content. Make use of Jobsoid’s rich text editor to format your content, present the galleries in slider or grid view, add a cover image to your pages – design it the way you wish to. You can also reorder the pages if you want.

beautiful career pages

Quick access to your company’s online presence

Save the details of your company’s website and social media accounts on Jobsoid and let the links to your social profiles be displayed on your careers portal. Your prospective candidates can have access to them quickly. Let your social media and website talk for your company.

quick access to online presence

Group jobs for easy viewability

Display your current openings in an organized format. Group them according to the department in which they fall or the location. Let your candidates have easy access to the job openings.

group jobs

Neat placement of jobs

Present the job openings in a neat layout. Jobsoid allows you to display the openings in either stacked or tiled layout. Each job listing is provided with an Apply button so that the candidates have a seamless job application experience.

jobs placement

Disable/Enable fields when required

Not all the fields present in the application form by default will be of importance from a recruitment point of view to you. Disable the ones which aren’t required. You can enable them anytime. One click is all that it takes. Quick. Isn’t it?

disable/enable fields

Ask general questions

Want to ask some general questions to your candidates irrespective of the position he’s applying? Ask these questions easily with the help of custom fields. Jobsoid also allows you to filter candidate profiles based on the candidate’s responses to certain type of questions.

ask general questions

Attach job-specific questionnaires

Ask job-specific questions to your candidates with the help of questionnaires. Create multiple questionnaires each having multiple questions. There is no limit on the number of questions and questionnaires you create. You will receive all the responses in a structured format on the candidate profiles.

attach questionnaires

Reorder fields on the form

Want to change the order of the fields on the application form? Jobsoid allows you to rearrange the fields on the form. Drag the field and drop it in the required position. Have a fully customized candidate application form before you in minutes.

reorder fields

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