Customer Case Studies

Over 2000 leading companies from over 100 countries across 40 different industries have improved their recruiting efficiency with Jobsoid. Read some of their success stories.

Jobsoid has increased our productivity significantly as all important recruiting information is present on a centralized, easy-to-access dashboard.
Remy Dsouza, HR Officer
Jobsoid has immeasurably improved the ease with which we can hire the right candidates and achieve our recruitment goals.
Paul Downey, Human Resources Coordinator
Recruitment has always been a nightmare for our hiring team. Jobsoid simplified it all for us.
Davide Botto, Chief Executive Officer
Jobsoid has helped us avoid duplication of work.
Anand Acharya, Co-Founder
The efficiency of our recruitment process has increased by 80%. We can now access our entire talent pool from a single location.
Pratibha P Sawant, CFO & Cofounder
Jobsoid can do everything we need. It is very easy to use. All the information is readily available and you can access it in just few clicks.
Dominic Scales, Global Talent Acquisition Manager
Jobsoid posts our jobs on various job portals making candidate inflow convenient. It’s like we have a sourcing team at our disposal.
Lalita Kashyap, HR Manager
Jobsoid has simplified the process of applicant tracking altogether.
Milind Halbe, HR Manager
Jobsoid changed the face of our recruitment process completely. It helped us maintain a consistency in our recruitment procedures.
Debbie Bullock, Group HR Manager
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