How Buoyancy Consultants brought their entire recruitment on one platform

The efficiency of our recruitment process has increased by 80%. We can now access our entire talent pool from a single location.
Pratibha Sawant
Pratibha P Sawant
Buoyancy Consultants & Engineering LLP
CFO & Cofounder
Recruitment was a time-consuming process. We had difficulties in managing our data. Our former recruitment processes were highly inefficient.
Jobsoid has addressed all our pain points. We are now able to view the entire candidate recruitment history in just a few clicks. Our recruitment efficiency has increased by 80%.

We are one of the fastest growing design, engineering, and consultancy service provider for shipbuilding and offshore industries. We also cater to the industrial segment.

Our Initial Recruiting Process

Being in the service industry, I believe that our business is a game of capacity management, and we needed to be good at it. Since our inception, almost five years ago, we followed traditional recruitment practices. We advertised our job openings on various job boards, LinkedIn network, and newspapers. We conducted campus interviews and relied upon our references to refer suitable candidates to us. Recruitment, for us, was a time-consuming process. We found difficulty in maintaining the candidate data.

Right from posting a job opening on various channels to coordinating with the hiring team, from updating the status of the candidates to following up with them about the same – our entire hiring process was a manual one. It was highly inefficient. As our team was rapidly growing in our space, we found the need to be quick with our recruitment processes.

Search for an intuitive ATS

We wanted to make our recruitment process fast and seamless one. We were looking forward to giving an excellent recruitment experience for our prospective candidates in line with our brand philosophy. We realized that it was high time we switched on to an applicant tracking system to streamline and automate our recruitment processes. We signed up for Zoho forms hoping that our recruitment processes would be simplified. But it did not turn out to be a full-fledged solution for us. We could only search for desired candidate profiles using the filters. There was no way we could mention or update the recruitment status of the applicants. That is the reason why we started looking out for new options.

We stumbled upon Jobsoid in the Google Search Results and decided to register for the same as it fits in our requirements perfectly well. Jobsoid provided all the features that we were looking for in our ATS on a single platform. We could

  • advertise our jobs on multiple platforms
  • design our custom recruitment pipeline by adding hiring stages
  • receive all candidate applications in a centralized database
  • follow up with our hiring team regarding the recruitment status effectively

Jobsoid, being a user-friendly platform, addressed all our recruitment pain points.

Getting started with Jobsoid

It was effortless to get started with Jobsoid. Jobsoid is an open platform. It is the best recruitment software we have come across till date. We took less than ten days to start using Jobsoid all by ourselves. The Jobsoid Support team had been extremely quick in resolving our queries and answering our questions. We have always received prompt and positive responses to all our doubts.

Speaking about our favorite features of Jobsoid, I would like to mention the search feature. It has been a savior. We can have access to the status of the candidates and their entire recruitment history in just a few clicks. Jobsoid has increased our recruitment efficiency by 80%.

Had it not been Jobsoid, we would have ended up spending more time in hunting down the relevant candidates. Our recruitment process would surely have been delayed, and we would have lost the best-fit candidates.

Advertise on multiple platforms
Advertise jobs on various platforms

Widen your reach by advertising your jobs on the right platforms.

Customizable recruitment pipeline
Customize your recruitment pipeline

Design your recruitment pipeline and track your candidates' progress seamlessly.

Login accounts for entire team
Collaborate with entire
hiring team

Coordinate with your team online and make better and faster hiring decisions.

Seamless communication
Communicate with candidates seamlessly

Send out personalized emails and text messages and engage your candidates in your recruitment process.

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