CodeMax IT Solutions Pvt Ltd transforms their hiring process with Jobsoid

Jobsoid has increased our productivity significantly as all important recruiting information is present on a centralized, easy-to-access dashboard.
Remy Dsouza - HR Officer at CodeMax IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Remy Dsouza
CodeMax IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
HR Officer
Having maintained our entire candidate on Google Sheet, we found it challenging to manage and track candidate applications.
Jobsoid has simplified the entire hiring process with faster CV uploads, intuitive dashboards, and seamless interview scheduling.

At CodeMax IT Solutions, we are into providing quality web and IT solutions to our clients across the globe. Being a service-based company, we are always looking forward to expanding our team by hiring talented professionals.

Our company aims at continuous development by streamlining our existing processes, learning new technologies and tricks every day. We intend to hire around 5-20 employees in the coming year.

We did not realize that email and spreadsheets are not recruiting tools. We used to maintain all our candidate data in a Google Sheet. Furthermore, the entire process of updating candidate data in the sheet was time-consuming. Accessing candidate information at the time of screening was a bit tedious. Not to forget to mention, generating recruitment-related reports at the end of every hiring cycle. To sum up, our recruitment process was lengthy and time-consuming.

And then we found Jobsoid!

Jobsoid was referred to us by a friend who was well aware of our troubles with recruiting. We use Jobsoid to post and advertise our jobs on multiple leading platforms. In addition to this, we use Jobsoid to maintain and manage all the CV database of our candidates. For us, data accuracy and intelligent reports are of utmost importance.

We chose Jobsoid to be our hiring companion firstly because of its job advertising feature. Jobsoid is integrated with over 20+ leading job boards as well as social media platforms. Thus, it ensures that your job openings reach out to a larger candidate pool. Secondly, Jobsoid presents all your candidates in a centralized talent pool. Lastly, Jobsoid gives you detailed insights into your recruitment performance with the help of smart reports.

In addition to this, you can also set up an employee referral portal and ask your employees to recommend the best candidates to you. Jobsoid also allows you to import your existing candidate database into your account in no time.

Our HR Department has been actively using Jobsoid ever since we signed up for our account. Furthermore, interviewers from other departments are also dedicatedly using Jobsoid to find, shortlist, and hire the best talent.

Jobsoid offers the best support!

We started using Jobsoid to its full potential immediately after we signed up for our account. The Jobsoid Support Team gave us a brief training on the system. They also helped us get started by helping us configure our account. The Support Team is always an email away if you wish to resolve your queries. They also have a dedicated help center that answers most of the questions in an easy to understand format.

Jobsoid team has been very supportive in helping us get started with recruiting with Jobsoid. Without Jobsoid, our recruitment processes would have been lengthy and less accurate.

Advertise on multiple platforms
Job Advertising on Leading Platforms

Advertise and promote your job openings on leading platforms in just a few clicks. Attract the best talent by publishing your jobs on social media as well.

Interview scheduling simplified
Faster Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews seamlessly by connecting your Google/Microsoft calendars to your account. Let your candidates self-select best interview time and get notified about interviews in real-time.

Online Candidate Pool
Online Candidate Pool

Receive all your candidates in a centralized, online talent pool. Manage and track their progress in your recruitment process in just a few clicks.

Smarter Insights with Reports
Smarter Insights with Reports

Gain real-time insights into the performance of your hiring processes. Generate various reports to identify the bottlenecks and optimize your recruitment process accordingly.

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Streamline your hiring processes with Jobsoid

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