European Bartender School achieves their Hiring Goals with Jobsoid

Jobsoid has immeasurably improved the ease with which we can hire the right candidates and achieve our recruitment goals.
Paul Downey - Human Resources Coordinator at European Bartender School
Paul Downey
European Bartender School
Human Resources Coordinator
We faced difficulty in tracking candidate's progress throughout our recruitment process. Also, sharing candidate details with other decision makers was a tedious task.
Jobsoid brought all of our hiring activities under one platform. It allows us more time for other important tasks.

Our institution, European Bartender School is one of the world’s leading bartender schools. We offer various bartending and hospitality courses to our students. In addition to this, we provide ample opportunities for enhancing the skills as well as practical training to our students.

We have been in the education industry for about 20 years. Globally, the EBS family runs into the hundreds, but in our Barcelona head office, where we carry out our recruitment operations, the team is around 70. Last year we hired around 40 candidates here, in all kinds of positions. We have a small team of HR Professionals working collaboratively to hire candidates from the Education, Marketing and Sales industry. We wish to employ the right people and set an example for the rest of the world.

As HR Professionals, our lives are quite busy as we deal with every aspect of the recruitment process, including job advertising, candidate management, interviews and a lot more. Our motto as an HR Team is to build a good hiring environment such that we have ample of time to look at other activities for our organization such as employer branding, employee happiness and other crucial areas.

Our Traditional Recruitment Process

We had been religiously using Microsoft Excel and later, Google Sheets for carrying out our hiring activities. Similarly, Gmail was used for team collaboration and candidate communication. Updating the sheets manually was a time consuming process. It always resulted in a huge amount of work when the candidate data was not in synchronization with that of other members of our team.

We always found it tedious to track and manage candidate applications while coordinating with hiring managers across all our institutions. It was also difficult to share candidate details to decision makers and compile their feedback in a scorecard. We had to put in efforts to bring our entire team on the same page.

That is when we realized that our recruitment process needs an upgrade. We started looking out for a recruitment software that would not just streamline our recruitment tasks but would also help us in bringing our team together on one platform.

We were looking for a centralized system that would help us to advertise our jobs, manage our candidates as well as schedule interviews. Our HR team conducted research on various software available in the ATS market. The solutions we considered implementing were too hard to configure. They lacked the flexibility to customize the system according to the user’s needs.

Jobsoid – The Best Recruitment Solution

We were looking for a solution that could be tailored according to our existing recruitment processes. Jobsoid fits our requirements perfectly well. It is a simple to use and cost-effective recruitment solution.

Jobsoid helped us in bringing the entire recruitment of our institutions under one platform. We can now advertise our job openings on leading job boards and social media networks in just a few clicks. Jobsoid has also helped us in getting started with our sourcing process with varied candidate sourcing techniques. We source the best fit candidates for our roles via LinkedIn by using Jobsoid Chrome Plugin. In addition to this, we have migrated our entire candidate database into Jobsoid using the import functionality.

The centralized communication center saves us a lot of time as we no longer have to go through long email threads for communicating with candidates. In addition to this, Jobsoid allows us to personalize our email messages using merge fields and save them as templates for future use. We designed our recruitment workflow on Jobsoid and enabled some automation to speed up the process. This customizable workflow has helped us in filtering out desired candidate profiles with ease.

We were never really able to measure our recruiting performance in the past. With Jobsoid’s intuitive dashboards and smart reports, we can now have a look at our performance. It also helps us in understanding where we can do better. Hiring teams across all our locations find Jobsoid simple and easy to understand.

Jobsoid’s Customer Happiness Team

The Jobsoid Team has been very approachable and helpful during the entire implementation process. Our Superstar Account Manager, Shesham helped us a lot during our initial days. He provided us with the required training and also got some customizations done from their DevOps Team.

Jobsoid has improved and streamlined our hiring process excellently. Life without Jobsoid would be so chaotic and disorganized!

Advertise on multiple platforms
Job Advertising on Multiple Platforms

Attract the best talent to your job roles by publishing your job openings on leading job boards for free.

Customizable recruitment pipeline
Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Configure your hiring workflow according to your existing processes and track your candidates.

Login accounts for entire team
Online Team Collaboration

Make better hiring decisions by collaborating with your entire team online.

Intuitive Dashboards
Smart Reporting

Monitor your recruiting performance with the help of intuitive dashboards and intelligent reporting.

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