Jobsoid helps Jar House transform their recruitment strategy in the cloud.

I know exactly where everything is when it come to open job resume submissions, interview notes, screening notes. I no longer have to go through my email to find that one resume!
Zulma Velasquez
Zulma Velasquez
Jar House
Talent Acquisitions Manager
Posting jobs on multiple job boards was the major pain point. In addition to this, our email inboxes were always flooded with candidate resumes which made keeping a track of all applicants and managing them a tedious task.
We can now post our jobs to multiple job boards in just few clicks. Managing candidates is no longer an issue as we receive all applications in Jobsoid. We no longer have to use our email inbox to find candidate resumes.

Review candidate resumes, research about candidates on social media, phone screen candidates, complete the onboarding process, tackle admin tasks like new job orders, new employees or existing employees… that is my typical day at work. Loaded with responsibilities, my only aim at work is to successfully recruit and close each open job order in a maximum of 45 days from the time the job order was created.

What we lacked initially was a system that would help us in managing our applicants. We did not have a proper applicant tracking system at that time and needed to have ONE place to keep track of all applicants. We wanted a most effective ATS that was not overpriced for what it offered: Hiring pipeline, email templates, video interview capability, ability to post our job once but to many places at the same time. Our email inboxes would generally be flooded with resume submissions. We also wanted a place to archive all the resumes. We wanted something that also has an app so that we could work from any place and access it from any device. Hence, cloud-based system was a must.

How we discover Jobsoid

Having created a checklist of required features, we decided to research and explore Applicant Tracking Systems. There were a few which did not offer all the tools we were looking for while some others were not really user-friendly. Some were highly priced.

As we were looking for a mobile recruiting solution in addition to the web, we decided to check out Mobile Apps. And that is how we discovered Jobsoid on Google Play Store.

Jobsoid seemed to fit in our requirements perfectly well. We could post jobs on multiple job boards in just one click. The app appeared user-friendly. The icing on the cake was that the system was cloud-based and was available as a mobile app. The pricing plans were also affordable as compared to the other applicant tracking systems. My CEO and I registered for the Free Trial.

The very day of our registration, I was contacted by one of the Product Specialist to discuss about a brief demo of the system. We got started with Jobsoid in about a week’s time. We had a screenshare training session and our Account Manager walked us through the system. He addressed all our questions and cleared all our doubts.

The Jobsoid Experience

Today, Jobsoid is being used by all our Department Managers. When asked about Jobsoid, all they say is they love it for its organized layout and user-friendliness. Jobsoid has reduced our work burden manifold. We no longer have to go through our emails for resumes. Everything is well organized in Jobsoid – right from new resume submissions to interview notes. We have added 7 new hires ever since we started using Jobsoid a few months ago!

Jobsoid Support has been extremely good. They respond to all our questions right away. We do not feel like just another number with Jobsoid.

“I know I can call Jobsoid anytime. They will solve my queries and also remember our last conversation even if it was a month ago!”

We feel like a VIP Customer. Our work life would have surely been chaotic without Jobsoid.

Advertise on multiple platforms
Advertise on multiple platforms

Reach out to a large number of candidates and attract the best talent.

Easy tracking of candidates
Easy tracking of candidates

Keep a track on your candidates as they move across different stages of recruitment.

Mobile Recruiting
Mobile Recruiting

Access your recruiting data even when you are on the move with Jobsoid Mobile Apps.

Video Interviews
Video Interviewing

Screen candidates on a video and speed up your interviewing process.

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