How Jobsoid helped VIB optimize their existing hiring process

Jobsoid is an evolving product. They make it a point to release out our special feature requests and make recruitment an easy sail for us!
Merlijn Vanhecke
Merlijn Vanhecke
IT Manager
Communicating with candidates and collaborating with our team was a tedious task. The recruiting information was always present on multiple platforms which was difficult to manage.
Jobsoid brought the recruitment of our entire organization under one platform. The information is no longer spread on multiple channels.

Having an employee strength of over 1000 employees and further wanting to expand our team, we did not find Sharepoint platform to be good enough to streamline our recruitment process. We started looking out for other options because Sharepoint did not fit in our requirements. Not even the upgraded version! We begun our research work and decided to try OrangeHR.

In spite of trying out these softwares, we felt something missing. These softwares were really good but we felt like we were lacking something somewhere. We were required to do too much of work to get the desired results. Having a software to optimize existing processes was hence the need of the hour. We could no longer go about hunting for particular information. We wanted a software that would simplify our recruitment.

Why we chose Jobsoid

I researched about applicant tracking systems and was glad that I found Jobsoid. I introduced it to my team at VIB which included the IT Director and the entire HR Team. We sat down together to have a discussion about Jobsoid. We found Jobsoid to be a evolving and a promising product. All the necessary information about the candidates was presented in an organized way. We could have a clear overview of our data. Not to forget, the user experience was good!

How it improved our Productivity

We had our initial training sessions where in the Product Specialist gave us a quick tour through the system. In less than a fortnight’s time, we were all set to use Jobsoid. Everyone who is involved in the selection as well as the hiring process is a regular user of Jobsoid. We totally love Jobsoid’s UX. Jobsoid has increased our productivity as all the information is no longer spread over multiple places. Jobsoid has improved our efficiency by a great deal. Our monthly jobs count has increased from 20 to 50.

Jobsoid has been really helpful at fulfilling our requests for special features. They ensure that all the bugs are fixed on time and we have an excellent user experience. Lastly, I would like to mention the personal approach and friendly behavior of the Jobsoid team.

“Eat, sleep, repeat!” That’s what our lives would have been if not for Jobsoid.

We reduced HR effort by 35-40% just by how optimised this system is. We are grateful to Jobsoid for making our life easier, so we can focus on the essential parts of job selection.
Marijke Lein
HR Director
Rich candidate profiles
Rich Candidate Profiles

All information about the candidate is presented in a structured, comprehensible layout.

Seamless communication
Seamless communication

Engage your candidates in your recruitment process with the help of personalized emails and text messages.

Login accounts for entire team
Collaborative Recruiting

Delegate tasks, share your feedback with your team and have a collaborative recruitment environment online.

Intuitive Dashboards
Intuitive Dashboards

Have real-time insights with the intuitive dashboard and keep yourself updated about the recruitment status.

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