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Recruitment has always been a nightmare for our hiring team. Jobsoid simplified it all for us.
Davide Botto, CEO IWay
Davide Botto
Chief Executive Officer
Managing all our candidate applications and interacting with these candidates was a bit tedious for our hiring team.
Jobsoid offered us a centralized database to look at candidates in a proactive way.

Our belief at IWay is in the irreplaceable value of people. Our aim is to invest in everyone’s skills to deliver strategic solutions to our customers. We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. It is our passion that guides us and keeps us motivated.

Being the CEO of IWay, my daily activities consist of problem solving and customer care. In order to find the right solution for our customers, we need to hire the talents who can help us in developing and delivering effective solutions. Hence, we are currently wanting to expand our amazing team by hiring the right talents.

Jobsoid – The Best Solution to Our Problems

The processes of our hiring team was a nightmare as we managed all our candidate applications on excel sheets or through emails. Though our entire candidate data was in one excel sheet, we found it really difficult to manage them. We were looking for a centralized candidate database that would help us in finding the desired candidate information in just a few clicks.

Secondly, we did not have the right tools to communicate and interact with our candidates. It was either an email or sometimes, a text message. We were not able to keep a track of our candidate communication as our entire team was involved. And lastly, we wanted to publish our job openings on our website automatically, without any manual intervention.

We did try a couple of recruitment solutions in the past. But, none of it seemed to work out for us. We learnt about Jobsoid while we were looking for an applicant tracking system on Google. It was our HR Team that discovered Jobsoid actually in our ATS requirements.

The reason why we selected Jobsoid was because Jobsoid is a simple and complete applicant tracking system. It has amazing features that simplifies our recruiting process by a great deal. For example – we could tag candidate profiles and search for the desired candidate applications amidst a hundred others. The centralized candidate database also helped us to access all our candidate data in just a few clicks.

In addition to this, we also used Jobsoid’s Job Manager WordPress Plugin to link our account to our website. This helps us publish all our active job openings on our website careers page without any manual efforts.

Getting started with Jobsoid

Implementing Jobsoid did not take us much time. We were up and running in around 3-7 days. Me and our HR Department scheduled a training session with the Product Specialist to get to know Jobsoid better. We did not find using Jobsoid a tedious process as it has clear menus and easy functionalities.

We would say the tagging feature and candidate evaluation features of Jobsoid are something that we loved the most. This is coupled by the dynamic and easy access to the centralized candidate database.

We would be still struggling with excel sheets had we not started with using Jobsoid!

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Publish jobs on your website

Post all your jobs on your website careers page using Jobsoid Wordpress Plugin.

Seamless communication
Communicate with candidates easily

Interact with your candidates seamlessly with the help of emails and text messages

Shortlist candidates quickly
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Search and filter out the best candidates for your jobs using AI-powered Smart Filter

Customizable recruitment pipeline
Seamless candidate tracking

Manage and track your candidates from a centralized database in a custom recruitment pipeline.

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