Samyojak Consultancy Services streamlines their recruitment process with Jobsoid

Jobsoid has helped us avoid duplication of work.
Anand Acharya
Samyojak Consultancy Services
We found difficulty in maintaining candidate profiles and managing our clients.
Jobsoid has helped us avoid duplication of work. We can now save a lot of time and carry out other productive activities.

Our company, Samyojak Consultancy Services is a career consultancy firm specializing in headhunting. We have been sourcing talent and placing them in the desired job positions. In addition to this, we are also helping our clients in finding the best talent for their open roles. Being in the recruiting industry for more than 4 years, we are well versed with various recruitment tactics and the challenges it brings forth.

Need for an All-in-One Recruitment Software

At Samyojak Consultancy Services, we have contractual engagements with our corporate clients from all over India. We help them in hiring resources for their open roles. Our day at work includes meeting our clients, servicing their requirements and conducting subsequent follow-ups. In addition to this, we also source and interview candidates and keep networking for new opportunities.

We had been managing our recruitment process manually, using emails and spreadsheets over all these years. Hence, we found difficulty in maintaining and managing candidate profiles. There were times when we lost track of our client requirements. Our recruitment process had grown so tedious that we faced a lot of difficulties in monitoring and closing the job positions for our clients. It was indeed very time-consuming and involved enormous team efforts. As a result of this, we were neither able to focus on our clients nor the candidates.

We realized that we needed an applicant tracking software to streamline our recruitment process very badly. We started evaluating recruitment software to find out which one suited our requirements the best.

And then we meet Jobsoid!

We were attending the Goa Startup and Innovation Day Programme when we learnt about Jobsoid. We got briefed about the software by the Product Specialists and subsequently, booked a meeting for a detailed demonstration. The team helped us with the working of the software. We got all our queries and doubts resolved and signed up for a free trial right away.

We customized our Jobsoid account according to our initial recruitment process and got started with Jobsoid. Our Account Manager and the Jobsoid Support Team were extremely helpful during this initial account set-up process. They clarified all our doubts promptly. We were convinced that Jobsoid was THE recruitment software that we were looking for.

Jobsoid – The Best Recruitment Software

Jobsoid has helped us save a lot of time and efforts. Most importantly, it has eliminated the duplication of work completely. We can now focus our attention and devote our time to other productive activities.

Jobsoid allows us to post our job openings on multiple platforms in just one click. It gives us a single interface to manage our client requirements and coordinate with them with ease. Jobsoid also presents all our candidates in a centralized talent pool and helps us manage them better in a customizable recruitment pipeline. We can communicate with our candidates and monitor them seamlessly until they are successfully hired.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Lastly, we had a look at Jobsoid subscription plans. One amazing thing about Jobsoid is that you can change your subscription plan at any time. You can conveniently upgrade or downgrade your subscription according to your hiring requirements. Your account will be billed on a pro-rata basis.

Life without Jobsoid would have certainly been more hectic for Samyojak Consultancy Services!

Sourcing from LinkedIn
Source candidates from LinkedIn

Source candidates from LinkedIn in just few clicks and build your talent pool.

Advertise on multiple platforms
Advertise jobs on multiple platforms

Attract the best talent by publishing your job openings on multiple platforms.

Customizable recruitment pipeline
Easy candidate management

Design your custom recruitment pipeline and keep a track on your candidates as they move across various stages.

Shortlist candidates quickly
Shortlist candidates in a jiffy

Filter the best-fit candidates based on their relevance to your jobs with AI-powered Smart Filter Intelligence.

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