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Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System to Speed Up Your Recruitment

Kelly Barcelos on April 13, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment is a fast-changing arena with candidate profiles quickly having evolved to the online platform. Today, candidates have a presence across various social media platforms as well as job boards, and with this constantly changing scenario, it’s essential that your in-house technology is dynamic enough to keep up with evolution in recruitment.

An efficient applicant tracking system is the first step towards technological evolution in the space of recruitment for your company, allowing you to make better hires with fewer wasted resources.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is recruitment software which automates the complete process of recruitment. It can help you at every stage of hiring someone for open positions, right from screening candidates and scheduling interviews to keeping track of each candidate’s movement through the hiring process.

The key aspect of an applicant tracking solution is the precision with which it is able to search candidates and minimize the time and effort spent in scanning profiles and hiring candidates.

How Can You Pick the Right ATS for Your Recruitment Needs?

First-level scanning is the most time-consuming and cumbersome process for any recruiter, and if your ATS is able to provide you with the niche set of candidates at this stage, it makes a huge difference to your overall efficiency.

Some of the key considerations while picking an ATS are as follows:

  • Plug and Play
    An efficient recruitment solution must have very effective ease of use, for anyone using it in the hiring and recruitment process. The user interface must be plug-and-play with minimum or no need for user training.
  • Device Agnostic
    In today’s times all possible devices are in use such as desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets and the ATS you pick must be device-agnostic, with all possible utilities being accessible on all kinds of devices. This enables flexibility for recruiters, especially while on move. In such a scenario, cloud based recruitment software perfectly fits the bill.
  • Collaborative
    The candidate selection process typically has multiple stakeholders, not just within HR and recruitment, but also management and operations. An ATS must allow simultaneous access in the selection process to all of them on a real-time basis.
  • Cloud Based Software
    A cloud based recruitment software offers all the benefits of a cloud platform such as ease of scaling up or down, ease of access, and most importantly, all-time contingency without investing additionally in backups.
  • Automated Functionality
    All the functionalities which are usually carried out by recruiters such as job order creation, job posting, screening questionnaires, etc. must be automated as much as possible to improve process efficiencies.
  • Reporting
    Recruitment software must be able to generate effective reports which offers a single window view of all the critical parameters of recruitment, such as pipeline, number of positions open and closed, etc. An effective reporting dashboard enables a quick look at the recruitment status for users, and triggers reviews to effectively clear any bottlenecks in the process.
  • Value for Money
    A good recruitment solution not only improves and automates process efficiency but also helps in optimizing and reducing the cost of recruitment. Opting for cloud-based recruitment software today makes more technological and financial sense than an in-house setup (which needs a larger technological infrastructure incurring huge costs). A cloud-based setup is more robust and affordable for small players, medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Choosing the best fit applicant tracking system for your organization is no cakewalk given the various aspects that you must consider. It is by no means any easier than choosing an ERP solution for your company, given the technical and financial considerations that must be looked into, but once you have a clear idea of your needs, the selection becomes easier.

Check out ATS solutions like Jobsoid, which offer a free trial so you can use them and decide whether they are the right fit, before you invest in a full package!

Kelly Barcelos

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