Chrome Plugin

Build your talent pool and communicate with your prospective candidates faster. Sourcing candidates is just a matter of few clicks with Jobsoid Chrome Plugin.


Look out for the candidates who could be a potential hire.


Extract all the required information using the chrome plugin.


View the details as candidate profiles on Jobsoid and manage them.

Find prospects and source them

Visit the candidate’s LinkedIn profile and extract all the necessary information in just a few clicks. No manual data entry tasks are involved.


Quick and Effective Results

Every important detail about the candidate is taken and is presented as rich candidate profiles in your account. The entire process is quick and happens in real-time.

manage candidates

Build your Talent Pipeline

Source candidates faster and build your talent pipeline. Connect with these potential candidates seamlessly for your company’s next hire.

centralized talent pool

Source candidates faster with Jobsoid

Install the plugin and get started!