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Amazing futuristic & easy to use ATS system!
Jobsoid is a tool that made our lives easier by streamlining our recruitment process. Being a global organization, we had a checklist of around 30 elements we wanted our ATS to cover. Once we had demo with Jobsoid, we realized the Jobsoid is everything we needed. The user interface is so easy to navigate. All information is readily available in one place. The features of Jobsoid are amazing and have complemented our recruitment process. The outstanding Jobsoid Support has helped us with all our queries. Jobsoid has been well received by our Global HR Team.
Great system, fantastic product!

Jobsoid helped us grow from 30 -100 in less than 12 months!
Before Jobsoid we were working off excel documents. Since we started using them we have been able to put a fully functional end-to-end recruiting tool in place and nearly all our team uses it daily! The best part about jobsoid is their customer service. They have integrated almost every feature and improvement that we have requested this past year showing that they have a great technical team and also are client first! Thank you for everything this past year.

Since we started using Jobsoid as our new online recruitment tool, we are getting a clear view on what channels applicants are using to reach VIB. This implies that we can now see which online job boards have the most added value for posting our job ads. Jobsoid is very user friendly, for candidates as well as for hiring managers and it has a very nice look and feel to it. The Jobsoid training sessions we provided to our employees were concluded in less than one hour. All in all we reduced HR effort by 35-40% just by how optimised this system is. We are grateful to Jobsoid for making our life easier, so we can focus on the essential parts of job selection and not the details.

Jobsoid is a great recruitment tool.
I act as an interim manager recruiter and on almost every assignment I use jobsoid if my client does not have an ATS. Great software, correct pricing and easy to use and implement.

I have a consulting company and need to find talent people to my customers. Two months ago, I find Jobsoid, the software that revolutionary the recruitment process. In a matter of a few clicks in your browser or in your mobile you have all the information of a candidate and all the conversation history. It is amazing, it automates the recruitment process plus make you mobile. But that is not all, their support is outstanding. They give you technical support plus are engaging to make you succeed with the advertising. I want to give a big thank to the Jobsoid team, and specially to their support team, Miss Vaibhavi. She is very talented, ambitious and dedicated to her work. Without her support, I would not have many candidates applying for my company. Thanks Vaibhavi.

Shesham has been extremely accommodating whilst helping us get Jobsoid up and running. He is so patient! He talks me through my questions so I fully understand what I am doing. The support we have received from Jobsoid is great! If something isn’t available immediately their I.T. people work on a solution so quickly! Their help and support is great! They will always try and make a fix for you as soon as possible and often get it sorted earlier than they anticipated. Shesham is always prompt and accurate.

In 2014 We @fernhotels set ourselves the target of being an Employer of Choice. The first challenge we faced was creating an easy and track able path for people to reach out to us. Here is where Jobsoid fit the bill perfectly, With this tool not only did we have a quick, easy & discreet way for Job-seekers to reach out to us but also a clear tracking system to ensure that they were reverted to. Within the First 6 months of using the tool it soon became our primary recruitment source and today 100% of our recruitment is routed through the tool with Absolutely Zero reliance on recruitment agencies.
Short version – Today thanks to Jobsoid we have a quick, easy & discreet way for Job Seekers to reach out to us & an extremely friendly interface for us to communicate with them.

Jobsoid is really a blessing for a progressing company like us. User friendly web pages, Job wise segregation of resumes, and also Linkedin & facebook post options given a professional way of recruiting. Keep up the work

Many Thanks for your superb support.. much much appreciated. Candidate tracking was never so easy before I got introduced to Jobsoid in my last company and now I have implemented it in my current company too. You saved us from traditional way of MIS reporting. It simplified our recruitment process.Now when my seniors calls me for any recruitment information, I can tell them right away! When I think of Jobsoid, I think of two things- Easy to use and Support when I need it. Excellent work. Thank you !

We first started using Jobsoid in 2015 when it was a free service, In almost a year, we have gone a long way to simplify our Recruitment process using the tool, when they made a launch commercially we did not had to think twice to subscribe. It is great to see ease and clarity in our process we have achieved by using Jobsoid. Jobsoid team is constantly working to improve the tool with innovative solutions, they have an awesome customer service which goes out of the way to help you improve your process by training, tutorials etc. Thank you Jobsoid, for your constant support!

We have been using Jobsoid since Feb. 2016. It is a very effective tool to manage application processes and candidate data. The interface is simple and ergonomic, allowing smooth collaboration among our HR and other departments. Our hiring efficiency has been improved a lot since then.
We especially appreciated that the Jobsoid team has always been responsive and helpful since the first day. They are very flexible in terms customizing features for our needs, like translating the whole system in French for us.
Jobsoid is definitely what we would suggest regarding ATS.

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