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The Ultimate Guide to know and understand A to Z about Social Media Recruiting.
Social media networks are turning out to be one of the most effective mediums for recruitment. In addition to its extensive reach, social media offers multiple benefits to hiring managers and recruiters. This eBook will serve as the best guide to help you understand social media recruiting and its benefits. Furthermore, it will also teach you how you can leverage social media to hire the best talent for your job roles.
Read this guide to maintaining employee productivity in a work from home economy
Remote work was already on the rise—but the global pandemic has rocketed rates skyward. It’s unlikely they’ll drop back to pre-COVID levels as we emerge from the health crisis now that employers and employees have seen what’s possible: many companies list improved productivity, greater flexibility, and happier staff among some of the benefits. So, how can companies make working from home feel more like a perk and less like a prison? In this ebook, we’ll explore some effective strategies for keeping productivity high as the U.S. prepares for a majority remote workforce.
Read this dummies guide to build an amazing employer branding on social media.
Potential candidates, today, research about a company on social media before applying to jobs in that company. Having an amazing employer brand on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. hence becomes necessary. This guide about employer branding on social media will teach you how to build a successful employer brand.
Learn everything you need to know about employer branding on Instagram!
Although Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, it is very important to strengthen your talent brand on Instagram. The entire millennial generation is out there on Instagram planning their next job change. Follow this easy guide to boost your employer brand and Instagram and tap into that amazing talent.
Read everything you need to know about employer branding on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking platforms. Job seekers as well as passive candidates are continuously checking out company’s LinkedIn pages. Building a strong brand presence on LinkedIn is thus mandatory Read this ebook to know how you can leverage LinkedIn to build your employer brand.
This ebook is everything you need to build a strong employer brand!
Employer branding plays a major role in attracting talented professionals to your organization. It is not just about posting engaging job postings. It also involves many other aspects of hiring like candidate experience, talent branding, company culture, etc. This ebook contains everything you need to know to build a solid employer brand.
Download this welcome email for new hires template and save time composing emails.
Engaging welcome emails contribute greatly towards having a successful employee onboarding strategy. This eBook will guide you to write better welcome emails for your new joinees. We have also added some ready-to-use email templates for your reference.
A complete checklist for creating a job description that stands out.
Job descriptions are the first thing your candidates see when they apply for your jobs. Writing an engaging job description plays a major role in attracting the best talent .This eBook is a complete checklist for creating a job description that stands out.
A Strategic Talent Sourcing Toolkit That Empowers You to Hire A+ Players.
With the changing dynamics of the recruitment industry, it is required to be stay updated about these emerging trends and techniques. Download this complete guide and power up your talent acquisition efforts.

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