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How to Enjoy the Maximum Benefits from Applicant Tracking Systems

Kelly Barcelos on March 10, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system is a godsend for recruiters and the HR department in any company. It saves time, improves worker productivity, screens potential candidates and improves revenue.

However, what is an applicant tracking system? To put it simply, it’s a system that enables employers to choose a suitable candidate for a job opening by screening through all the resumes received for that post. Often, an ATS features other tools and services related to job hiring, which helps save time, effort and costs of recruitment to a great degree.

3 ways in which you can reap maximum benefits from ATS

  1. Customize It

    One of the best features that some applicant tracking systems come with is the option to customize the questions and fields in online application forms as well as internal screening. This will help the software filter through the candidates in a better way and shortlist those who fit the job requirements.

    Some systems have a pre-installed format of questions which limits screening candidates. The ideal way to optimally utilize a customizable application form is by meeting with hiring managers of your company to devise an appropriate plan and a list of features/questions to include.

  2. Gather Feedback

    The interview process does not comprise of a single stage, especially at higher levels of management. Even for the most basic position, there is usually a 2 to 3-tier process involving various levels of hiring personnel, and it’s essential to ensure no time is wasted at any stage.

    For everyone to be on board about a certain candidate’s status, they would have to conduct regular meetings or send emails back and forth, wasting precious time. Using the collaborative tool in the ATS helps everyone continue with their business and check the feedback left by others whenever they need an update.

  3. Automate Emails

    Using email auto responders is a very smart move if you want to sound like a professional company and reply to candidate applications promptly. A person looking for a job will never apply at one company alone, so it’s essential to move quickly.

    If you want to hire the best of the lot, make sure you keep in contact with them all, so they do not stray and move on to greener pastures thinking you are not interested in hiring them. An ATS that allows you to set up auto-responses, email reminders for interviews and other communications can help a lot.

What Makes An Ideal ATS?

There are a number of applicant tracking systems available today. While the crux of the purpose of all is the same, there are certain features that some have while others lack. It is imperative to choose the one that has all the necessary features to make your recruitment process easy, speedy and efficient.

Here are a few points to look for

  • Application tracking systems are cloud based recruitment software, which means that they have to be efficient and allow for unlimited storage to accommodate the barrage of resumes that come in.
  • Moreover, the system typically saves all CVs to be accessed at a later stage too. For this purpose and to make the system accessible to multiple people at the same time without the system crashing or slowing down, it must be scalable.
  • The ATS should also help cut down time that would otherwise be wasted on the hiring process, so it should be user-friendly, preferably with a training video or user guide. It should also help communicate with applicants as well as the hiring hierarchy.
  • Another important feature that should be present in the ATS is the availability of IT support at all times. Maintenance costs of the system should be affordable, with no hidden charges.
  • The price of the system must also fit into your budget. However, if long-term benefits override the initial cost, it is advisable to go ahead with it nonetheless.

Whether you have an existing system that doesn’t fit your needs or are looking to try one for the first time, Jobsoid is an optimal solution to consider. Along with easing hiring tasks, it also streamlines administrative and management activities, thereby making it a compelling proposition for businesses of all sizes.

Kelly Barcelos

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