Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the top questions that recruiters and hiring managers ask about our cloud based talent acquisition platform or

Jobsoid is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System that lets you manage your entire recruitment process - right from creating a job opening to hiring a suitable candidate.

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a cloud-based program or software that compiles and presents data about candidates who apply for a job opening in an organization. Acting as a hiring assistant, modern recruitment systems like Jobsoid also include other features that take care of bulk communications, sharing and collaboration, smart candidate filtering and much more.

The main way that an ATS helps organizations is by reducing the time, energy, money and effort spent on tracking and managing information about candidates. Recruitment is often one of the most cumbersome processes that HR personnel deal with, especially when there are thousands of applicants for a single job opening. Applicant Tracking Systems like Jobsoid are designed to take over most of the work for you.

Jobsoid is not a job portal, but more of a handy helper for your company’s recruitment process. As a cloud-based recruitment system, it takes over the tasks of data entry, communication management, candidate tracking and more, leaving you free to focus on locating the right candidate for each position. Jobsoid can automatically post a job opening at different locations and portals and track responses on your behalf.

Jobsoid is integrated with more than 15 free job boards. You can also post on our premium job boards and opt in for sponsoring your job openings.

You will be required to create a job and then publish it on various job boards in order to fetch candidate applications. You can also get your company website and Facebook page integrated with Jobsoid for automatic posting of jobs.

Yes. Of course! You can import the candidate resumes that you have into your Jobsoid account. If you have spreadsheets or CSV files containing candidate data, you can import those files as well. Jobsoid supports resumes in various formats - .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf and .txt

You can create unlimited user accounts. However if you are using a FREE plan, you will have just one user account.

The number of jobs that you can post at a time depends on the plan you are subscribing for. You can have a look at our pricing plans. If you are using a FREE plan, you will be entitled just one active job opening.

Recruiter Intelligence is the ability of a system to reduce the workload that is typically part of the recruitment process. It works just like an intelligent recruiter, who would try to delegate tasks like data entry or bulk email responses to someone else, and thus free up time for screening applicants who seem like a good fit. With Jobsoid’s intuitive and customized system, the bulk of the workload is automated so you can focus on hiring.

Jobsoid may not have the same capacity to judge a candidate’s attitude and ability as a face-to-face meeting offers, but it can ensure you aren’t wasting time on interviewing under-qualified or inexperienced applicants. Since certain criteria are often crucial to a post, the system can sort through all the applications received and suggest good fits based on parameters you specify, whom you can then shortlist and meet!

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