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All the tools you would ever need to simplify and optimize your talent acquisition efforts

Job Advertising

The first step to any recruitment process is getting the word out about vacancies and openings in your organizations.

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Branded Careers Site

Build your talent pool with a Branded Careers Site that effectively conveys your company culture and reflects a welcoming work environment.

Post Jobs Everywhere

Post once and all your openings will be distributed everywhere automatically! Get instant access to top industry talent while saving tremendous time and effort.

Customized Application Form

Save your time and sanity with a customized application form that captures exactly what you need – Neither too much nor too little.

Website Integration Plugin

Keep your careers site up-to-date and in-sync with Jobsoid’s website integration plugin that automatically updates your careers page every time a new job is posted on your company website.

Facebook Careers Tab

The Facebook careers tab lets you use your social connections to create your talent pool. Use it to socialize job feed and generate referrals while saving a ton of your time and effort.

Candidate Sourcing

Finding the right fit for a job is the number-one priority for recruiters, which is why there’s so much emphasis placed on candidate sourcing and outreach.

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Social Recruiting

Attract, engage and recruit the right candidates with this seamless social recruiting solution that can build a perennial pipeline of talented candidates in no time.

All Candidates in One Place

Be less busy and more efficient by tracking your talent on a single, easy-to-access framework that keeps all your candidates in one place even when you receive resumes from a mix of channels.

Candidates from Email

Whether your applications are coming from a portal or you have pulled them from your company email, simply forward them to and Jobsoid will parse them to create comprehensive candidate profiles.

Upload Resumes

Import resumes in a snap with a CSV upload and Jobsoid will automatically parse them to create structured candidate profiles for quick decision-making.

Applicant Tracking

After you’ve broadcasted the news about an open position in your company, the next step is to peruse all the resumes and applications you’ve received, to shortlist the best fits.

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View Candidates in Standard Format

No matter where the candidate application has come from – Job Portal, Social Media, Email or Website, every profile automatically gets converted into a standard format for easy viewing.

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Jobsoid gives you the freedom to create a custom workflow that fits your routine and suits your industry needs so that you can hire faster and better!

Track Applicants across Stages

Track every single candidate as they progress through the sourcing funnel and stay organized even if you are managing more than a 100 candidates across 10 different hiring stages.

Tag Candidates

Tag candidates into specific categories on the basis of their skills, location or clearance level and find your desired profiles faster when vacancies are generated.


Shortlist qualified candidates and save them as your favorites for fast and efficient management of candidate information.

Smart Filter Intelligence

Easily find relevant candidates with specific keywords and quickly make your decision of moving them to the next interview stage or rejecting.

Activity Feed

Stay updated about every activity right from the time candidates enter your sourcing funnel and stay organized to ensure that you only hire candidates who best suit your needs.

Collaborative Recruitment

Recruiting is not a solo task, since you need to communicate with other members of your organization while making a decision about the best fit candidate.

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Centralized Talent Pool

Access all your candidate profiles in one place with a centralized talent pool that is visible and accessible to every team member, irrespective of their location.

Unlimited Users

With Jobsoid, you can add any number of interviewers, hiring managers and executives for timely and efficient management of hiring procedures.

Recruit from Multiple Locations

If you have recruitment teams spread across the globe, Jobsoid allows you to share candidate profiles across multiple locations in a fraction of seconds.

User Roles & Permissions

Speed up the hiring process by adding internal team members as well as outside recruiters and assign tasks with varying degrees of access.

Realtime Notifications

Keep team members updated and informed every time a task is assigned or an interview is scheduled with instant notifications and eliminate delays and discrepancies.


Make your cumbersome and time-consuming coordination more manageable and organized with comments and mentions that are visible to the entire interview panel in real-time.


Create reminders for yourself and your team to follow up with a candidate. Jobsoid will remind you via Email & SMS and ensure that you get your work done.

Share Candidate Profiles

Share candidate profiles with decision makers across locations – Even if they don’t have a Jobsoid account!

Interview Management

The interview stage is one of the most crucial parts of recruitment, but they can also create some of the biggest hassles, especially when you receive a large number of applications.

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Schedule Interviews

Even with modern communication tools and applications, scheduling interviews can be frustrating

Group Interviews with Time Slots

It’s possible that bulk interviews are the single most challenging task that recruiters ever face.

Interview Confirmation

Typically, the process of scheduling an interview and confirming attendance for everyone who needs to be there involves a lot of emails,

Candidate Reviews

As any recruiter knows, candidates that seem like a perfect fit on paper may not match up to expectations in person, which is why interviews are so important.

Centralized Communication

Using emails alone for communication can add unnecessary delays and wasted effort to your recruiting tasks, so you need a system that integrates with them.

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Customizable Email Templates

Whether you link Jobsoid with your internal company email or a designated address on an external client

Auto-Response & Engagement Emails

Many recruiters find their time, energy, patience and sanity being stretched to the limit when they have to peruse their inbox

Send Emails with Attachments

Whether you’re sending emails within the company in order to share candidate details or emailing a potential candidate

Receive Emails from Candidates

After posting a job application across various portals, you may find it difficult to keep track of all the emails you receive

Send Text Messages to Candidates


Text messaging is for those candidates who may not have easy access to the web. Ensure that you don’t miss out on them by sending batch texts.


Intelligent Reporting

The only way to know whether your recruitment workflow is effective, where it can be tweaked for improvements and how to pinpoint any issues, is through accurate reports.

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Realtime Dashboards

When your team members use Jobsoid for their recruitment and hiring tasks, the system ensures that you receive real-time notifications and updates.

Smart Reports

Reporting and tracking daily operations and results is one of the best ways to analyze your performance and accountability

Cloud Reliability

When you use any cloud-based software within your organization, it is essential that the system’s performance remains reliable at all times, with absolutely no room for error.

24×7 Uptime

We maintain and monitor our servers on a regular basis to ensure that you have a reliable system to work with. Jobsoid is always up and running with an average uptime of 99.96% reported by our third party monitoring service.

Regular Updates & Feature releases

Jobsoid is constantly updated so that you have immediate access to the latest features and bug fixes ensuring a seamless experience of working with a Cloud based SaaS product which is always evolving.

Affordable Flexible Pricing

Subscribe to any of our plans based on your recruitment needs. We offer excellent features on each of our subscription plans with an affordable pricing. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time and get billed only on a pro-rata basis.

Priority Support

We believe in timely response to all customer queries and concerns. Our support team works round the clock to assist you with your queries and all requests are resolved in less than 24 hours.

Data Security & Privacy

Security and safety of your data being our primary concern, we guarantee that no person except you gains access to your data at any time. Your data is stored in secure data centers with world class security infrastructure. In addition, our servers are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of your data.

256 Bit SSL Security

Our default encryption standard of 256 Bit SSL ensures all data including sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, etc. are transmitted in a secure encrypted format over the internet, eliminating the risk of data theft or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Saving high volume of data is never a concern with Jobsoid. We offer an absolutely unlimited storage for all your recruiting data including file uploads by harnessing the true power of cloud storage. You can scale out your recruitment with total peace of mind.

Scheduled Backups

Your data is backed up multiple times daily onto geo-redundant storage which is further replicated securely across the continent for disaster recovery. These backups are retained for up to 60 days to ensure point in time restore of your data, in case you ever need it.