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All the tools you would ever need to simplify and optimize your talent acquisition efforts

Attract top talent

Reach out to maximum potential candidates by advertising your job openings on different channels like job boards, social networks and your company website.

Brand your Career Site

Customize your careers portal to suit your company branding with attractive headers, image galleries and engaging content in addition to your job listings. Build your employer brand with the help of this mini website.

Post to Free Job Boards

Share your job openings on various free job boards with just one click. Jobsoid automatically publishes your jobs to multiple job boards, thus giving maximum exposure to your job postings.

Sponsor Jobs on Premium Job Boards

Increase the visibility of your jobs by sponsoring them on premium job boards. Your jobs will gain maximum exposure as they are shown in search results, included in daily alert mails and posted on local job websites.

Add a Careers Tab to your Facebook page

Reach out to the potential candidates on Facebook by adding a careers tab to your Facebook page. Quicken your hiring process by attracting passive candidates to your company and generating referrals.

Embed job listings on your Website careers page

Link your website careers page with your Jobsoid account. Your job postings will automatically start showing up on your website. No more manual updates required.

Recruit on Social Networks

Connect your social media profiles - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with your Jobsoid account and share your jobs across various social networks. Let your jobs reach out to potential candidates all over.

Custom tracking links to advertise on other sites

Share jobs on other sites and track source of candidate applications without worries. Post the jobs using the auto-generated, custom tracking link.

Source better candidates

Never miss out on any prospective candidate when using Jobsoid. Receive candidate applications from all your sourcing channels to one online cloud account.

All Candidates in one place

Applications received from multiple channels like job boards, social networks, website or email now available at your fingertips in your online talent pool.

Source candidates from LinkedIn

Install the Jobsoid chrome plugin in your browser and start sourcing candidates from LinkedIn. All the necessary candidate information extracted and saved as a candidate profile in your Jobsoid account.

Receive applications on email

Redirect all candidate applications received on email to your Jobsoid mailbox. Jobsoid will automatically create the complete candidate profiles as applications are received.

Dedicated email address for every job

Share job specific email addresses with your contacts and get the candidates auto-assigned to the job. No manual job assignments required.

Import Candidate Resumes

Get all your existing candidate resumes into Jobsoid with our inbuilt Resume Parser which will automatically read and convert resumes from multiple document formats to candidate profiles.

Bulk Import Candidates

Upload a spreadsheet containing your candidate data and have them converted to candidate profiles in a jiffy. No manual creation of candidate profiles is required.

Customize your candidate application form

Choose what information you want to capture from your candidates. Build your own candidate application form by adding the fields or questionnaires of your choice.

Add Questionnaires

Create Questionnaires to Pre-screen your candidates. You can save time in your first round of screening based on the answers from candidates.

Track applicants effectively

Know everything about the candidates and his recruitment status. Manage all applications effectively and quicken your recruiting process.

360 degree view of candidate profiles

Rich candidate profiles give you all details of the candidate like educational qualifications, work experience etc. in a structured readable format. Resumes and other documents are saved directly on the cloud and accessed in a few clicks.

Configure your Hiring Process

Define the recruitment pipeline to your match your existing recruitment process and track the progress of candidates across these pipeline stages. You can add custom stages to your recruitment pipeline.

Let Smart filter intelligence do your shortlisting

Jobsoid smart filter can help you shortlist the best fit candidates by giving them a score based on relevance to your required job profile. You can customize the smart filter by adding desired keywords and weights.


Classify your candidates into categories with tags and simplify your filtering process. Jobsoid allows you to add multiple tags on candidates for different levels of categorization.


Add the impressive candidate profiles to your favorites list. Say bye to the hassles of looking for these candidates at the time of shortlisting.

Collaborate with your hiring team

Share your recruitment with other members of your organization and make better hiring decisions.

Bring your team on Jobsoid

Let every member of your hiring team be engaged in your hiring process. Invite your team to be a part of Jobsoid and collaborate seamlessly.

Discuss and comment on candidates

Collaborate and discuss candidate profiles with your team. Add comments on a candidate profile or @mention your team members for their quick feedback.

Assign tasks to your team

Create and assign tasks to your team members in just a few clicks or let Jobsoid automatically assign tasks based on your customized workflow. Reminder notifications will ensure tasks are completed on time.

Share profiles with decision makers

Send candidate profiles via email to your decision makers or clients. A link to the candidate profile will be shared in the email allowing them to access candidate information without logging into your Jobsoid account.

Access your recruiting data on mobile

Download the Jobsoid Recruiter Mobile App and get access to all your recruiting data while on the move.

Communicate effectively with candidates

Send out email and text messages to your candidates without having to use your email software or phone.

Send and receive emails

Send email messages to your candidates directly from their profile. Sent and Received emails will be visible under the activity feed.

Send Text messages

Send out a text message to communicate with your candidates quickly. This will rule out the possibility of unread emails.

Create Customizable Templates

Saving your emails as reusable templates can help save a great deal of time for repetitive tasks. Shared templates also allow your team to share email templates created by one user.

Save time with bulk emails

Send out emails to multiple candidates at a time instead of writing the same message over and over again. Save a lot of your recruitment time.

Automated emails

Engage your candidates more into the recruitment process by sending timely updates about their recruitment status. Trigger automatic sending of these emails when candidates are moved across your recruitment pipeline.

Engage your prospects efficiently

Reach out to all your prospective candidates and your existing talent pool seamlessly without using any external bulk emailing tool. Create personalized email campaigns and keep your prospects engaged in your recruitment process.

Set up interviews

Schedule interviews with Jobsoid for a hassle-free interview scheduling experience.

Create interviews

Schedule interview with ease on Jobsoid. All the details regarding the interview such as place, day, interviewer etc. will be present on a unique page in Jobsoid.

Screen candidates on video

It isn’t necessary to interview all those candidates who are applying for your job. Screen the best ones and then make a decision about the onsite interview. Save a lot of your recruiting time.

Create interview timeslots

Free yourself from the burden of fixing the interview timings. Schedule group interviews with timeslots and let the candidates themselves choose a convenient time.

Be notified about interview confirmations

Jobsoid eliminates the need to call the candidates asking about the interview confirmations. You will receive an email notification once a candidate confirms his interview timings. You will also be notified if he declines the same.

Share your review

Share your views about a particular candidate by rating him on certain criteria. Ask your team to share their views too. Get an insight into all the reviews with the help of a scorecard.

Generate reports

Know your recruitment progress and chalk out a strategy to make it better with our accurate reports.

Real-time dashboards

Get insights on your hiring process with our accurate graphs, charts and other statistical information. Get a clear picture of your current recruitment status.

Intelligent reports

Jobsoid’s reports will help you understand your current hiring process, the bottlenecks and help you work upon the changes that need to be done in your recruitment process.

EEOC and OFCCP compliance

Get your candidate's response to the EEOC and OFCCP survey in the form of reports. You can also derive reports of individual candidate’s response to the survey.

Cloud Reliability

We ensure that our system’s performance remains reliable at all times, with absolutely no room for error.

24×7 Uptime

We maintain and monitor our servers on a regular basis to ensure that you have a reliable system to work with. Jobsoid is always up and running with an average uptime of 99.96% reported by our third party monitoring service.

Regular Updates & Feature releases

Jobsoid is constantly updated so that you have immediate access to the latest features and bug fixes ensuring a seamless experience of working with a Cloud based SaaS product which is always evolving.

Affordable Flexible Pricing

Subscribe to any of our plans based on your recruitment needs. We offer excellent features on each of our subscription plans with an affordable pricing. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time and get billed only on a pro-rata basis.

Priority Support

We believe in timely response to all customer queries and concerns. Our support team works round the clock to assist you with your queries and all requests are resolved in less than 24 hours.

Data Security & Privacy

Security and safety of your data being our primary concern, we guarantee that no person except you gains access to your data at any time. Your data is stored in secure data centers with world class security infrastructure. In addition, our servers are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of your data.

256 Bit SSL Security

Our default encryption standard of 256 Bit SSL ensures all data including sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, etc. are transmitted in a secure encrypted format over the internet, eliminating the risk of data theft or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Saving high volume of data is never a concern with Jobsoid. We offer an absolutely unlimited storage for all your recruiting data including file uploads by harnessing the true power of cloud storage. You can scale out your recruitment with total peace of mind.

Scheduled Backups

Your data is backed up multiple times daily onto geo-redundant storage which is further replicated securely across the continent for disaster recovery. These backups are retained for up to 60 days to ensure point in time restore of your data, in case you ever need it.