Applicant Tracking

Evaluate, shortlist and track candidates while moving them ahead in your recruitment pipeline

View Candidates in Standard Format

Every resume you receive has a unique format so if you are looking for a specific piece of information in every resume; you are bound to feel lost in the process. Jobsoid makes the process quick and easy for you by converting every single application into a standard format. With Jobsoid, you will never lose out on the right fit because of time-consuming searches.

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View All Candidate Profiles in a Standard Format
Recruitment Pipeline customized to suit your Workflow

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Create your own customized hiring stages or modify the existing ones to suit your standard workflow and stay organized from start to finish. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work with recruitment and so this feature offers you complete flexibility to work things your way. Add new stages, change the existing order or create a completely new workflow – without any restrictions.

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Track Applicants across Stages

Check any applicant’s current status in an instant with applicant trackability across stages. This feature is highly helpful when you are dealing with thousands of applications that often leave you clueless with endless emails and complicated spreadsheets. With Jobsoid, recruiters can easily filter candidates at every stage – New, In Review, Interview, Offered and Hired.

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Track Applicants in Multiple Stages of your Recruitment Pipeline

Tag Candidates

Work smarter and filter faster with a feature that allows you to tag candidates on the basis of their location, recruitment stage, CTC range, academic credentials, years of experience, field of service and so on. You can also customize the tags to filter candidates that fit your selection criteria.

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This is the quickest way of shortlisting candidates. Simply star your prospective A players and forget the hassle of looking for them when you zero down on your final list. Just click on the Favorites Tab and you will be able to view the complete list of starred candidates on a single page.

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Intelligent Smart Filter for Shortlisting Candidates

Smart Filter Intelligence

Shortlist candidates in a fraction of seconds with smart filter intelligence! All you need to do is feed your negative and positive keywords and Jobsoid will present the most relevant profiles in a fraction of seconds even if your database stores a hundred thousand candidates.

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Activity Feed

Make better hiring decisions even with multiple touch points by keeping your communication timeline on a centralized system. When you are handling thousands of applications simultaneously you are bound to lose track and miss out on a few profiles. With this feature, you will have a clear view of the complete communication process for every single profile. All your emails, attachments, and important documents that are spread over multiple threads are consolidated on a single loop from start to finish.

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Activity Feed on Candidate Profiles