Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Recruitment Pipeline customized to suit your Workflow

Optimize your hiring process with a personalized recruitment workflow that allows you to:


Assign a Stage to Every Candidate

Mold the system to your convenience and track candidate progress across stages. Move candidates as they proceed from one stage to another and keep them informed with instant email notifications.A single click on a specific stage and you will know the exact number of candidates at that particular stage.


Jobsoid has standard stages like New, In Review, Interview, Offered, Hired & Rejected or Withdrawn. These stages can also be customized to suit your company’s unique hiring steps for optimal functioning of the recruitment flow. Stay organized from sourcing through onboarding with the flexibility to create new stages without any restrictions.

Keep a Constant Check on Your Performance and Candidate Progress


This intelligent feature automatically notifies the candidate as soon as he is moved on to the next stage and improves your candidate engagment This will also help you keep tabs on your sourcing funnel at any point from any location.


Engage Team Members in the Evaluation Process

Keep your team members occupied and in-sync by manually assigning tasks at every stage. This will create transparency and objectivity for all your team members and promote a proactive culture.


Create Accountability

Every task that you assign to your team members will be reflected on their dashboard automatically. This feature is highly helpful when handling bulk responses and back-to-back interview schedules.