candidate management

Manage Candidate Applications

View all candidate applications in a rich standardized format. Track applicants across your customized recruitment pipeline. Shortlist candidates in a few clicks with Jobsoid Recruiter Intelligence.

Rich Candidate Profiles

Detailed candidate profiles in a standard structured format. All candidate information is now presented in a more meaningful and insightful way.

  • Access all candidate information, resume and other documents at one place
  • Feedback from your team captured as Comments, Reviews, and Scorecard shown on the candidate profile
  • View upcoming interviews and assigned tasks
    right where you need it
  • Communicate with candidates directly from their profile
rich candidate profile

Customizable Pipeline

Optimize your recruitment process by dividing it into pipeline stages. Follow the ready to use pipeline or customize it to suit your hiring requirements.

  • Track candidates across stages
  • Add, modify or delete pipeline stages to match your recruitment process
  • Automatically assign tasks to your team when a candidate moves to a stage
  • Trigger automated emails and text messages to engage candidates

Smart Filter Intelligence

Shortlist the best fit candidates in just a few seconds. No kidding.. Candidate profiles are automatically scored based on the relevance to your job profile and presented as a sorted list. You can now start looking at the most relevant candidates first.

  • Gives quick and effective results
  • Accelerates your hiring process
  • Saves time
smart filter intelligence