Advance Filtering by Status, Tags, Ratings and Source

Shortlist candidates faster with the help of various filter options. Select multiple filter criteria or save the filters to use them in future.

When you receive thousands of job applications and want to shortlist only relevant candidates, Jobsoid’s Advanced Filtering proves to be a boon. It helps you to select features that are of importance to a particular job profile. It could be anything ranging from an applicant’s age or location to the source of his application.

Rather than restricting you to use a single filter or tag at a time, Jobsoid features a smart and intuitive filtering system that adapts to your needs. You can save a lot of time and energy by selecting multiple considerations for every search, including the basics as well as advanced options at every stage of the recruitment workflow. You can also save these filters on Jobsoid and use them when required in future.

Fast, customized and accurate search tools included in the system, are designed in a way to help you locate specific information from a wide range of sources. Not only do they work with the profiles added to the Applicant Tracking System, but can also search within attachments sent by the applicant, documents added to their profile by a recruiter, etc.

With smart tags, your team can update brief information about each applicant’s performance at various stages of hiring, allowing you to pinpoint issues or strengths that affect a potential hire’s suitability with ease.