candidate messaging

Communicate With Candidates

Engage your candidates better with personalized messages. Send emails and text messages in just a few clicks from the candidate profile page. Configure Jobsoid to send out automated emails as candidates progress through the pipeline.

Email and Text Messaging

Send and Receive Emails emails from candidates directly on the candidate profile. No separate email software required. All your messages saved in one central place without cluttering your email inbox.

  • Personalized email messages with Merge Fields
  • Apply formatting styles and add images to emails
  • Attach and send multiple files with a single click

Also reach out to candidates instantly on their phones by sending SMS / Text messages, ruling out the possibility of unread messages.

email text messaging

Customizable Templates

Email templates are a great way to send out personalized messages to your candidates. Once you save your email message as a template, you will be able to quickly insert the template while composing your next email.

  • Save personalized templates with merge fields
  • Apply various text formatting options
  • Insert images and external links in your templates

Email Templates can help save a great deal of time you would normally spend doing copy-paste.

customizable templates

Auto Reply & Engagement emails

Keep your candidates engaged with the help of automated emails. Configure your recruitment pipeline to automatically send emails on your behalf.

  • Send Auto Reply acknowledgement emails when candidates apply
  • Send engagement emails as candidates move ahead in your recruitment pipeline

Jobsoid ensures that personalized messages are delivered each time with absolutely no human interaction.


Bulk Emails

Send personalized messages to multiple candidates with the help of Bulk emails.
Get in touch with your potential hires informing them about new job openings or simply build connections by engaging those potential hires in your recruitment.

  • Easy to use mass emailing without any third party software
  • Automated candidate engagement campaigns
  • Simplified communication with better email deliveries
automated bulk communication