Candidate Sourcing

Focus on sourcing better quality candidates to make your recruitment pipeline more effective

Source the best Talent using Social Recruitment

Social Recruiting

Optimize your job inventory by publishing your jobs on active social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. An easy-to-manage social recruitment system not only boosts your brand visibility but also helps you hire faster by practically multiplying your potential reach. Attract, engage and recruit the right candidates with this seamless social recruiting solution that can build a perennial pipeline of talented candidates in no time.


Its real-time social recruiting made incredibly easy for you, so that you can focus on what’s more important – bringing the best onboard!

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All Candidates in One Place

Use a wide range of sources to publicize your openings and expand your talent reach overnight. Create a single job post and publish it on multiple job boards for maximum impact. Using this feature gives you easy access to the web’s most preferred and popular job boards that are visited by millions of job seekers every month. You can now reach out to a vast multitude of qualified candidates with a single click and hire without any hassle.

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Receive Applications from Multiple Channels
Candidate Applications on Email Parsed by Resume Parser

Candidates from Email

When applications start rolling in from multiple sources, it becomes important to screen and shortlist the relevant ones in a timely and efficient manner. Make this tedious and time-consuming task a total breeze with a tool that streamlines your sourcing funnel from the start so that you don’t lose track and get lost in the process. This efficient feature will collect all your applications and attachments on from every source and parse them to create comprehensive candidate profiles.

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Upload Resumes

Upload all your resumes with a single click irrespective of their format! Now you won’t have to juggle between files and folders to access all your resumes. Simply move everything from your system to a centralized location at once. Every resume you receive, whether it is a DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, or a PDF, can be converted into a comprehensive, structured candidate profile and parsed in a searchable format while preventing duplicates.

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Bulk Upload Candidate Resumes with Inbuilt Resume Parser