Centralized Talent Pool

Access every candidate application you receive from one dedicated location. All candidates profiles are listed at one place for easy and quick access.

centralized talent pool

Maintain a central candidate pool that allows anyone in your organization to access details of potential applicants when needed, whether at a single location or across multiple ones. You may find that someone who did not fit the requirements for a particular position is perfect for an opening in a different location or department, after all!

A web-based talent pool is one of the most important features of any recruitment software, and Jobsoid offers quick and convenient access for anyone in the organization that you choose to share it with. You can also customize the level of permission or access that a single person or team will get, allowing greater control and flexibility.

For instance, someone in the logistics team may need to view the list of applicants who have applied for an opening in the logistics department, but you may not want them to make any changes to the profile or view the candidates for any other job profile. Here, you can set up view-only access to a particular group of candidates who have applied for that job.

The number of ways in which you can personalize the Applicant Tracking System is almost endless, which makes it simple to share the talent pool throughout different levels and sections in your company. You can easily collaborate and communicate with various other personnel within the company, leading to smoother and faster hires.

By helping you maintain a central talent pool with information about every candidate, Jobsoid significantly reduces the need for back-and-forth emails, phone calls and document sharing tasks between different locations in your organization.