Centralized Communication

Communicate effortlessly with candidates and automate repeated tasks with Jobsoid

Customized Email Templates for your Communication

Customizable Email Templates

Enjoy unmatched flexibility and freedom to customize email templates for all your recruiting tasks with Jobsoid’s pre-designed templates. Use it “as is” or make as many changes as you want. You can create multiple email templates for every stage and store them on easy-to-access cloud. The feature lets you personalize every email using your logo, company information, professional signature or other details that meet your specific requirements.

We have done all the hard work, so now you don’t have to!

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Auto-Response &
Engagement Emails

Many recruiters find their time, energy, patience and sanity being stretched to the limit when they have to peruse their inbox for new applications and then send out an acknowledgement to each candidate. This is just the first step, since applicants need to be informed every time they make progress through the various stages of recruitment.

If a certain candidate or list of candidates seems to fit your organization’s requirements, you can use Jobsoid to send them personalized emails that encourage further engagement. This could be something as simple as inviting them in for an interview or acknowledging their application, to communications asking for specific documents, etc.

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Auto Response & Engagement Emails to Candidates
Send Emails with Attachments to Candidates

Send Emails with Attachments

Send multiple attachments with a single click! Yes, this smart feature brings an end to your never-ending communication woes by allowing you to attach all your documents in one go. Attach questionnaires and send them to multiple applicants or share your feedback with several team members at the same time – without manually attaching the same files over and over again.

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Receive Emails from Candidates

Store, access, send and receive everything on a single framework with Jobsoid.  You no longer need to use your email account to receive emails from candidates. Documents received on emails can be directly saved to the candidate attachments. All Sent and Received emails are now available directly on the candidate profile. Manage all your candidates efficiently without missing out on a single email. 

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Receive Email from Candidates straight into Jobsoid
Sending Text Messages to Candidates

Send Text Messages to Candidates

This add-on feature is specially designed to help you reach out those blue collar candidates who may not be as tech-savvy as your white-collar candidates. Text messaging facilitates instant communication and can be effectively used to increase your response rate. Use Jobsoid’s text messaging feature to extend job offers and to send interview reminders. This simple and easy-to-use application helps you reach out to multiple candidates at the same time and speeds up your communication process.

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