Collaborative Recruitment

Invite your teammates to join your recruitment process and maximize your hiring efficiency

Centralized Talent Pool of your Organization

Centralized Talent Pool

Maintain a central candidate pool that allows your hiring team to access all the details of potential applicants as and when needed, whether at a single location or across multiple ones. You may find that someone who did not fit the requirements for a certain position is a perfect match for an opening at a different location or for a different department, after all!

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Unlimited Users

When your entire recruitment team has access to all the candidate profiles on Jobsoid, it becomes easy and efficient to assign tasks for various phases of recruitment; whether it is interview scheduling or assessment. In addition, the reminders set through the software make your tricky and time-consuming recruitment tasks accurate and fast while enabling a smooth workflow for the candidate selection process.

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Unlimited User accounts for your Entire Hiring Team

Recruit from Multiple Locations

Share openings, assign tasks, send emails and collaborate with colleagues across the globe from one unified platform that can be accessed by multiple users irrespective of their location. This fully-loaded feature facilitates one-stop candidate management so that you can focus on hiring your prospective candidates without any hassles.

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User Roles & Permissions

The user management function allows you to add hiring managers from within the organization as well as external recruiters if you have certain procedures outsourced. Jobsoid gives you complete freedom to predefine their roles in terms of editing information, delegating tasks, viewing profiles from certain locations and deleting them. Decide the level of access and privileges you want to provide to every assigned user and exercise complete control over the sourcing process.

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Realtime Notifications to your Hiring Team

Realtime Notifications

Real-time notifications ensure that every team member remains updated and informed throughout the recruitment process – right from the time a vacancy is generated till your candidate comes onboard. From addition of tags and scheduling of interviews to creation of new tasks and deletion of job posts, every single activity is notified for improved collaboration and timely completion of tasks.

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Recruiters can leave notes & comments directly on the candidate profiles to eliminate the hassles of maintaining paperwork and updating spreadsheets. @Mentions make it all the more easier to get your teammate’s attention on a specific profile which interests you.

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Comments on Candidates from your Hiring Team
Manage Tasks on Candidates with Reminders


Every time a task is due, you and your team members will receive a reminder to ensure that no one misses out on any important event or an upcoming interview. Cut down your recruitment time to half with instant alerts at every phase. From reviewing profiles and filtering them to initial screening and final interview, task reminders will keep you on track and organized even with a tremendous workflow.

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Share Candidate Profiles

Share your candidate profiles with decision makers who don’t have a Jobsoid account. Jobsoid will email them a link where they can see the entire candidate profile along with the complete activity feed for effective screening and faster selection.

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Candidate Profiles shared with External Recruiters