Interview Management

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Schedule Interviews

Even with modern communication tools and applications, scheduling interviews can be frustrating, time-consuming and often, inefficient. At some point during the hiring process for any organization, time slot mix-ups and other issues have derailed the entire procedure and left everyone unhappy – recruiters and applicants alike.

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Schedule Interviews for Candidates
Schedule Group Interviews with Time Slots for Candidates

Group Interviews with Time Slots

It’s possible that bulk interviews are the single most challenging task that recruiters ever face. It can be tough enough to juggle a few dozen applicants when you’ve got a single job posting, but when your organization is hiring for more than one position and you receive hundreds or thousands of responses, the madness can get out of hand!

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Interview Confirmation

Typically, the process of scheduling an interview and confirming attendance for everyone who needs to be there involves a lot of emails, phone calls and re-shuffling from time to time. When this is done manually, the amount of time and effort that goes into it is tremendous, besides the possibility of errors and miscommunication.

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Candidates Confirm Interviews Online
Candidate Reviews from Interviewers

Candidate Reviews

As any recruiter knows, candidates that seem like a perfect fit on paper may not match up to expectations in person, which is why interviews are so important. Your impressions about an applicant and their performance during an interview may also need to be shared with other recruitment personnel and key members of your company.

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