interview management

Schedule & Manage Interviews

Schedule interviews seamlessly in a few clicks with the most hassle-free interviewing solution. Screen candidates on video and quicken your shortlisting process. Create group interviews with time slots and let candidates choose a time to be interviewed.

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews can be frustrating with the busy schedules of candidates or your interview team.

Simplify your interviews with our built-in interview scheduling software. With integrated email and calendar, you don’t need any third party scheduling software.

  • Send Interview invitation emails to candidates
  • Real-time updates of interview confirmations
  • Timely reminders of upcoming interviews
interview scheduling

Offline Video Screening

Most applications get rejected because recruiters don’t have the time and energy to screen so many applications flooding them.
With Jobsoid Video interviews, you can screen every single qualified candidate with ease. It’s as simple as

  • Sending a video interview invitation to candidates via email
  • Candidates answer the video interview on their phone
  • All video responses uploaded to Jobsoid cloud storage
  • You view candidate video responses whenever you are ready
video screening

Group Interviews with time slots

Planning to call in multiple candidates on the same day? Schedule batch interviews with time slots instead of scheduling a separate interview for every candidate.

  • Create time slots convenient to your interviewers and let candidates choose a convenient slot
  • Stay updated about interview timings without having to visit your email inbox and calendar

Optimize every step of your interview process by letting candidates choose time slots as per their convenience and your availability.

group interviews

Online Interview confirmations

Automate your interview confirmation process. Let candidates self-select Interview times which work best for their schedules, with a flexibility to reschedule interviews without disturbing your interviewing team.

  • Online confirmation of interview by candidates, avoiding clash of interview timings
  • Decrease in the number of interview no-shows
  • Instant notifications of confirmed interviews

Improve your hiring efficiency by scheduling your interviews on this self-service interview scheduling platform.

interview confirmation

Reviews and Scorecards

Collecting interviewer feedback post an interview is no longer a pain point. Interviewers can rate your candidates on pre-defined scoring criteria and share feedback with the entire hiring team.

  • All reviews compiled into a consolidated scorecard on the candidate profile
  • Get instant interview feedback
  • Compare feedback from multiple interviewers and make better hiring decisions
reviews and scorecards