Connect your Glassdoor page

Link your Jobsoid account and Glassdoor page to build employer branding, post jobs and share work experiences, at the same time!

Connecting your Glassdoor page with Jobsoid offers varied benefits.



Attend page via a single account

With Jobsoid, you can post and manage all listings without visiting Glassdoor separately. Moreover, it allows you to have all applications from multiple channels in one place. A Jobsoid account is all that you need to handle vast talent at your fingertips.


Pick from well-crafted job descriptions

Using clear and apt job descriptions eases the job posting process. Glassdoor too accepts job description templates that are inclusive in nature. Having a Jobsoid account gives you access to an umbrella of 700+ free job description templates, well-crafted to suit varied job roles.


Offer enhanced candidate experience

Jobsoid lets you manage all applicant profiles on a single dashboard. With this online cloud account, you can redirect mails, import candidate resumes and maintain bulk candidate data, from a centralized account. A simple step towards better candidate tracking and smart recruiting.


Looking to improve your recruiting strategy?

Register for free with Jobsoid today to have your jobs on multiple platforms and leading job boards, in one go. An all in one recruiting software for your varied recruiting needs.