One Click Posting to Free Job Boards

Post your job openings on multiple free job boards in just one click. No more visits to individual job boards required when using Jobsoid!

one click posting of jobs to free job boards

Posting your job openings on various job boards is one of the ways to receive in candidate applications. The general procedure of posting jobs on various job boards would require you to create an account with the said job board and then post about your job opening. This would consume a lot of your time, shifting your focus away from your recruiting process.

With Jobsoid, posting to multiple job boards happens with just one click. You do not have to visit individual job boards to do the posting. There is a dedicated location in Jobsoid which will help you post your jobs on various job boards all at once. No more visits to job boards will be required when using Jobsoid.

Jobsoid is integrated with over 15 free job boards which will help your jobs reach out to a large number of candidates.

Save ample of your recruiting time with your focus on recruiting rather than advertising.