reporting analytics

Realtime Dashboards & Reports

Keep yourself updated on recruitment with real-time dashboards and smart reports. Identify the bottlenecks and devise a strategy to optimize your hiring process. Generate custom reports and stay organised with your recruiting data.

Real-time Dashboards

Get an overview of your recruiting performance with the help of reliable dashboards. Monitor the effectiveness of your recruiting process and prioritize accordingly.

  • View real-time recruiting data statistics
  • Get detailed insights in a few clicks
  • Identify bottlenecks before they turn into problems
realtime dashboards

Intelligent Reports

Get a clear snapshot of your recruiting data and evaluate your recruiting performance. Dig deeper into your hiring process with these smart reports.

Monitor your company’s recruitment operations with the help of these up-to-date reports and take informed decisions to improve the efficiency.

Intelligent Reports

EEOC & OFCCP Compliance

Stay fully compliant with EEOC/OFCCP regulations with these easy to use tools. Track and record responses to applicant surveys to generate detailed EEO data for reporting.

  • Capture voluntary surveys from candidates as they apply
  • Automated reminder emails to candidates to complete survey
  • Record reasons for every candidate disqualified
  • Custom disqualification reasons
eeoc ofccp survey