GDPR Compliance

Ensure the safety and privacy of important candidate information. Stay compliant with GDPR while automating your workflow, only with Jobsoid.

Find out how Jobsoid, a completely GPDR complaint software, can assist you with your hiring needs.
Promote simplified candidate communication

Schedule your emails so that you can reach out to candidates anytime you want. Set a custom date and time or choose from the available list of options.

Allow data withdrawal requests from candidates

Make candidate data management easier with Jobsoid. Allow candidates to request the deletion of their personal data from their profile at any moment. Stay informed about requests and respond to them straight from your Jobsoid account.

Monitor and generate performance reports

Examine and pinpoint the bottlenecks in your hiring process. Keep track of candidate recruitment time, get a sense of team productivity, and learn why candidates are rejected or why applications withdrawn. Create new recruitment tactics with Jobsoid’s performance reports.

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