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Hire better, faster with Jobsoid. Jobsoid is the best GoHire alternative manage your entire hiring process.

Jobsoid is the Best GoHire Alternative

Here is Jobsoid and GoHire are different.

Free Job Boards for Job Posting
Free Job Description Templates
Branded Careers Site
Mobile-friendly application forms
Social sharing
Online Talent Pool
Customizable recruitment workflow
Advanced Filters
Smart Filter Intelligence
Email templates
Bulk messaging
Interview scheduling
Video Interviews
Team Collaboration
Employee Referrals

Entire hiring team in one place

Bring your entire hiring team online and let them collaborate with each other from one place. Jobsoid allows you to allocate role-based access permissions to users to ensure confidentiality of certain information.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Real-time discussions about candidates using @mentions
  • Task automation with reminders for easy updates
  • Seamless profile sharing with external decision makers

Streamline your recruitment process with proper team collaboration and communication.

Collaborate with your entire team online

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  • Branded Careers Portal
  • One-Click posting to 20+ Job Boards
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Customizable Hiring Workflow
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Automated Tasks & Actions on Stages
  • Custom Email & SMS Templates

Paid plans for everyone – small, medium-sized businesses to enterprises.
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Smarter interview scheduling and management

Save your hiring team from the hassles of interview scheduling with Jobsoid self-scheduling interviewing platform. Connect your Google/Microsoft calendars to your Jobsoid account to check the availability of your hiring team.

  • Interview scheduling for single or multiple candidates
  • Batch interviews with time slots for convenient time selection
  • Real-time interview confirmations
  • Reminders about upcoming interviews
  • Offline video interviews
  • Interview feedback in intuitive scorecards

Optimize your interview management process and speed up your recruitment process.

Smart Interview Scheduling

Simplified Candidate Communication

Keep your candidates engaged in your recruitment process at all times with continuous communication. Send emails and text messages to contact your candidates directly from Jobsoid.

  • Personalized emails and text messages
  • Customizable templates to save time on drafting emails
  • Auto-replies and engagement emails
  • Scheduled message deliveries
  • Bulk emails or recruitment marketing emails using Campaigns

Communicate with your candidates regularly and do not let delayed communication be the reason for losing out on qualified candidates.

Seamless Candidate Communication
Amazing, futuristic & easy to use ATS system!

Jobsoid is a tool that made our lives easier by streamlining our recruitment process. Once we had the demo with Jobsoid, we realized that Jobsoid is everything we needed. The UI is so easy to navigate. All information is readily available in one place. Jobsoid has been well received by our Global HR Team.

Dominic Scales, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Destinations of the World
Jobsoid helped us grow 30 - 100 in less than 12 months!

Ever since we have started using Jobsoid, we have been able to put a fully functional end-to-end recruiting tool in place. Our entire team uses it everyday. They have integrated almost every feature and improvement that we have requested this past year. It is because of Jobsoid that we could say bye to tiring excel documents.

Stephanie Steel, Chief of Staff, Shift Technology
We reduced HR effort by 35-40% ever since we started using Jobsoid.

Since we started using Jobsoid as our recruitment tool, we are getting a clear view on what channels applicants are using to reach VIB. Jobsoid is very user friendly, for candidates as well as for hiring managers. We can now focus on the essential parts of job selection and not the details.

Marijke Lein, HR Director, VIB
Jobsoid automates the recruitment process plus makes you mobile!

It has revolutionalized my recruitment process. You have all the information of the candidate and entire conversation history in just a few clicks. Jobsoid support is talented and dedicated to their work. A big thanks to Jobsoid Team!

Dr. Panos Voglis, Founder, Voglis Co Ltd.
Jobsoid has brought consistency in our recruitment procedures.

Jobsoid Support has been extremely accommodating whilst helping us get Jobsoid up and running. They talk me through my questions so I fully understand what I am doing. They will always try and make a fix for you as soon as possible and often get it sorted earlier than they anticipated. Always prompt and accurate!

Debbie Bullock, Group Opportunities Manager, English Lakes Hotels, Resorts and Venues

The Best GoHire Alternative - Jobsoid

Mini Job Portal

Careers Portal

Design your mini careers portal to showcase your employer branding. Display your latest job openings on this mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly portal. Furthermore, use image galleries and HTML sections to convey your company culture and values.

Chrome Plugin - Candidate Sourcing Tool

Chrome Plugin for
Candidate Sourcing

Source desired candidates from LinkedIn as rich candidate profiles in Jobsoid. This plugin will capture all essential information regarding candidate and present it in a structured format. You can then engage these candidates in your recruitment process with the help of campaigns.

Employee referral portal

Referral Portal

Harness the power of employees’ social connections to find the best suited candidate for your job roles. Set up your employee referral portal in a few steps and reward your employees for recommending the best candidates to you.

Video Interviews


Speed up your recruitment process by screening your candidates on a video instead of conducting phone screens. Set up a video interview and ask desired questions to your candidates. Evaluate candidate’s responses according to your convenience and shortlist the best-fit candidates.

Customizable workflow

Hiring Workflow

Manage and track the progress of candidates in your recruitment process by designing a custom hiring workflow. Jobsoid allows you to customize your recruitment pipeline to match your existing processes. You can also enable workflow automations to carry out basic tasks.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Recruiting

Access your recruiting data at your fingertips, at any time and place. Download Jobsoid Recruiter mobile app on your phone and get started with mobile recruiting. Jobsoid Recruiter App is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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