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Jobsoid is an all-in-one, cloud-based recruitment software that will help you to source, engage and hire the best talent for your roles.

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FeaturesJobsoidGoogle Hire
Job Posting Management
Candidate Management
Customizable Recruitment Pipeline
Team Collaboration
Candidate Communication
Customizable Email Templates
Simplified Interview Scheduling
Google Calendar Sync
Reviews and Scorecards
Real-time Notifications
Employee Referrals
Intelligent Reports
Mobile Apps

Easy Candidate Sourcing

Have the best talent onboard by sourcing them from the right platforms. Receive and manage all the applications in a centralized candidate database online.

  • Upload your existing databases containing candidate data to your online talent pool
  • Receive job applications from various channels including leading job boards and social media networks
  • Source candidates directly from LinkedIn using the Jobsoid Chrome Plugin
  • Create detailed candidate profiles from applications you receive in your email with Jobsoid Resume Parser enabled email address
  • Allow your employees to suggest the best candidates to you with the help of referral programs

Start your talent hunt for the best candidates from this online talent pool.

Maintaining your Talent Pool in Jobsoid

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  • Branded Careers Portal
  • One-Click posting to 20+ Job Boards
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Customizable Hiring Workflow
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Automated Tasks & Actions on Stages
  • Custom Email & SMS Templates

Paid plans for everyone – small, medium-sized businesses to enterprises.
Starting from $49 per month. Compare Pricing Plans.

Streamlined Candidate Communication

Communicate with your candidates on a regular basis to keep them engaged in your recruitment process. Connect with them via Jobsoid’s communication center with emails and text messages.

  • Send emails and text messages directly from candidate profiles
  • Send out auto-responders and other engagement emails to keep candidates updated about their recruitment status
  • Save your messages as templates and use them when compiling your emails or texts
  • Engage your talent pool in your hiring process with recruitment marketing campaigns

Start engaging with your candidates today. Do not let delayed communication be a reason for delayed hiring.

Seamless candidate and client interactions

Seamless Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews seamlessly with Jobsoid’s Smart Interview Scheduler and save your hiring team from the hassles of interview scheduling. Connect your Google/Microsoft calendar and know the availability of your team in just a few seconds!

  • Schedule interviews for candidates seamlessly, in just a few clicks
  • Choose the best interview time with the help of the intelligent interview time suggestions engine
  • Create time-slots for interviews according to the availability of your hiring team and let your candidates choose the desired time
  • Conduct video interviews for candidates and save time on initial candidate screenings
  • Get notified about interview confirmation, upcoming interviews as well as rescheduled ones in real-time.

Streamline your interview scheduling process with Jobsoid smart interview scheduling software and make faster hires.

Interview Tools
Thanks to Jobsoid we have a quick, easy & discreet way for Job Seekers to reach out to us and an extremely friendly interface for us to communicate with them.

Jobsoid fit the bill perfectly. It has become our primary recruitment source. Today, 100% of our recruitment is routed through the tool with Absolutely Zero reliance on recruitment agencies.

Suhail Kannampilly, Sr. VP. Operations, The Fern Hotels & Resorts
Jobsoid – The Best Recruitment Software

We are into talent sourcing and placing them in desired job positions. Having managed our entire recruiting process manually, Jobsoid proved to be a boon for us. Jobsoid helped us eliminate duplication of efforts and save time.

Anand Acharya, Co-Founder, Samyojak Consultancy Services
With Jobsoid, we can do the analysis of the recruitment process effectively.

Jobsoid posts our jobs on various job portals making candidate inflow convenient. It’s like we have a sourcing team at our disposal. It is user-friendly and easily accessible.

Lalita Kashyap, HR Manager, MoneyTap
Jobsoid has brought consistency in our recruitment procedures.

Jobsoid Support has been extremely accommodating whilst helping us get Jobsoid up and running. They talk me through my questions so I fully understand what I am doing. They will always try and make a fix for you as soon as possible and often get it sorted earlier than they anticipated. Always prompt and accurate!

Debbie Bullock, Group Opportunities Manager, English Lakes Hotels, Resorts and Venues
Jobsoid is a great recruitment tool.

I act as an Interim Manager Recruiter. If my client does not have an ATS, I use Jobsoid for their hiring needs. Jobsoid is a great software that is easy-to-use and implement. They offer correct pricing plans for all kinds of businesses. I would like to mention that they offer amazing customer service as well.

Freddy Jacobs, Managing Director, PBS Worldwide BVBA

Jobsoid - The Best Alternative for Google Hire

Smart FIlter Intelligence

Smart Filter Intelligence

Shortlist the best fit candidates for your jobs in a jiffy with Jobsoid’s AI-powered Smart Filter Intelligence. The Filter engine rates every candidate application you receive according to their relevance to your job and presents you the list of most suitable candidates.

Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

Recruitment campaigns

Engage your existing talent pool in your recruitment process with the help of Jobsoid Campaigns. Initiate meaningful conversations, send informative newsletters, share new job updates and a lot more. Take your recruitment marketing efforts to the next level.

Reviews and scorecards

Reviews and scorecards

Collect feedback about candidates from your team in an intuitive scorecard. Define some review criteria and ask your team to rate your candidates. Share your feedback and make collective hiring decisions.

Customizable recruitment pipeline

Custom recruitment pipeline

Define and design your recruitment workflow to match your existing hiring process. Move your candidates across various stages and track their progress in your recruitment process.

Mobile recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Take your recruitment efforts to the next level by switching to mobile recruiting. Download the Jobsoid Recruiter App on your mobile phones and gain access to your recruiting data on the go.

Intelligent insights with advanced Reports

Smart reports

Gain insights into your
recruitment status in real-time and identify the bottlenecks. Plan and strategize your efforts so that you make better hiring decisions.

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