Recruitment Trends for 2020

Hiring Trends in 2023 : Stay Ahead of the Game

Kelly Barcelos on January 12, 2023 in Recruitment Process

Many ‘tried-and-true’ recruitment strategies that have always aided recruitment processes are still solid trends in the recruiting industry today. But, due to the constantly evolving technology available for companies for hiring, the recruitment processes are beginning to change.

Recruiting and hiring have started to take a new shape with these emerging recruitment trends for 2020. In other words, recruitment is no longer about hiring talented candidates for your jobs. Having a strong employer brand, delivering a great candidate experience, providing better employee experience, etc. matters a lot. Talent acquisition today has become more like how you present your company to your prospective candidates in the job market.

The following are some of the most effective recruitment trends you should take advantage of in 2020.

Employer Branding

Working to establish a strong employer brand is vital in providing the desired foundation for better hiring. It helps in attracting the best talent and promoting good communication with candidates. Employer brand thus aids in setting your proposal apart from the rest of the crowd in an increasingly competitive hiring landscape.

Having a distinct employer branding strategy in today’s evolving talent market is key to attracting high-quality talents. Compelling job descriptions, shorter application forms, etc. boost your employer branding efforts by a great deal. And, thus helps in attracting qualified talent and also reducing hiring costs.

Your Human Resources team needs to work on expanding your brand’s reach. They should improve the company’s reputation to present a compelling offer to potential job seekers.

To draw in new talents and retain them, it is crucial to create a robust and consistent employer brand. You should define your employee value propositions and accordingly, set your employer branding goals. This strategy will allow your organization to cultivate a dynamic and motivated workforce. This, in turn, ultimately dictates the success of your talent brand.

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becoming increasingly available, having AI as a recruitment strategy is rising in popularity in HR departments. AI has applications in countless areas of hiring, right from screening potential candidates to ongoing communications.

AI bots help in removing human bias. It helps in efficient candidate-job matching throughout pre-screening, monitoring, and hiring processes using real-time analytics. However, it needs to be properly programmed for productive machine learning. This requires collecting an adequate quantity of data to mimic human interactions.

Applicant Tracking System like Jobsoid is powered by AI-based Smart Filter Intelligence. This Smart Filter helps you shortlist the best candidates in a few clicks.

By utilizing an ATS that works on AI technology, you can hence streamline your hiring processes for finding ideal candidates. The future of HR relies on data analysis, pattern recognition, and natural language processing. Technology is certainly making advancements to eliminate manual screening efforts and improve the overall hiring experience.

Candidate Experience

Speaking of the candidate experience, delivering a great candidate experience promotes a positive image of the company. In addition to this, you can encourage your candidates to share their positive reviews through a variety of social media platforms. This also helps in creating a consistent company image and promoting a good reputation.

The success of recruitment marketing efforts depends largely on how your prospective candidates feel about your company. It depends on your employees’ perception of your organization as well. Candidate experience is an effective metric in building a company brand. It helps in boosting your marketing strategies at every stage – from sourcing, hiring, and communication.

Social Media Recruiting

Social Media has increasingly become a relevant platform for proactive recruitment marketing for businesses across all industries. HR Leaders are using it not just for recruiting but also as a medium for sourcing and even hiring new talents.

It is found that connecting with potential candidates through the channels of communication they prefer offers the most advantages. In addition to this, social media offers extensive access to a huge candidate market and allows candidate engagement or seamless communication. You can leverage social media to perform various HR functions like posting job vacancies, searching for candidates, and engaging potential talent.

Social media also offers inherent access to a broader audience and remote access through mobile platforms.

Real-time Analytics

Predictive analytics are at the core of successful recruiting strategies by offering insights into candidate expectations with data-driven metrics. This is known to be the most effective HR hiring strategies, as well as helped in enhancing the quality of hire.

Leveraging analytics for recruitment purposes indicates future HR trends and practices in the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape.

The face of recruitment marketing is shifting every day. Some established techniques still hold up with a few adaptations to keep up with emerging channels of communication. But, there are plenty of new recruitment trends that are rapidly rising in 2020.

Staying on top of the recruitment game thus becomes a need of the hour. Jobsoid can help you streamline your existing recruitment process and optimize it to hire better candidates faster. Sign up for a Free Jobsoid account today.

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