Hiring Candidates Beyond Borders

How an ATS Helps When You Are Hiring Beyond Borders

Kelly Barcelos on June 19, 2018 in Applicant Tracking System

The fierce competition in global talent acquisition has provided global talent with even more choices but compelled recruiters to change their local recruitment approach with a smart cross-border recruiting strategy. This is where using talent acquisition software can help recruiters create a competitive advantage that attracts the best of breed beyond geographic boundaries.

If you are looking for top talent across a wider market range, here are 6 ways talent acquisition software can help you win the war for global talent:

1. Helps Shape a Solid Employer Brand that Attracts Top Talent

Brand building plays a very crucial role in determining the quality of candidates that apply to an organization and the careers site makes a great marketing tool that can shape the employer brand in a way that brings a competitive advantage.Talent acquisition software facilitates the creation of a branded careers site that can be integrated with several social media marketing platforms to create a strong global presence.

Talent acquisition software also facilitates the customization of the application process, automation of job postings and personalization of candidate communication while ensuring all the candidates flow into the talent pipeline through a centralized, easy-to-access platform.

2. Gives Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts an Instant Boost

Since top-notch talent is difficult to tap, recruitment marketing helps attract, engage and foster talent globally. Talent acquisition software is a necessary utility tool that brings speed and order to social media recruitment with automation, helping recruiters find the right fit much faster even with increased competition from local employers. Talent acquisition software empowers recruiters to cast a wider net in diverse markets while ensuring a perfect balance between global sourcing and local values.

3. Lets You Leverage the Power of Predictive Analytics

When it comes to recruiting global talent, organizations cannot afford to fall behind their competitors. Talent acquisition software provides accurate insights into recruitment progress and enables recruiters to adapt their approach by making appropriate improvements in their talent strategies, on time. This constant re-evaluation when combined with the readiness to change, leads to better hiring.

4. Improves Candidate Engagement through Video, Social, and Mobile Technologies

A global recruitment program requires you to be fast and flexible even when the hiring manager is handling the sourcing process for multiple locations across the globe. Talent acquisition software creates a reach that was not possible before by helping recruiters leverage the anytime, anywhere convenience of social networks, mobile technologies and video interviews.

Talent acquisition software also enables the applicants to apply through their smartphones from their social profiles on-the-go!

5. Ensures Real-time Collaboration across the Board

When hiring global talent for emerging locations, the hiring team at the headquarters needs to stay connected with the recruiting team in different locations. Talent acquisition software brings transparency and accountability across offices with real-time notifications and instant reminders.

With talent acquisition software, the workflow remains uniform as the same database can be accessed by multiple users and so, every global office remains on the same page despite working in different time zones.

6. Eliminates Confusion and Mishaps When Scheduling Interviews for Different Time Zones

When recruiting global talent, the biggest challenge is getting acquainted with different time zones, legal requirements, and cultural practices, especially when reaching out to candidates and scheduling interviews for multiple time zones.

Having talent acquisition software in place makes it much easier to get hold of candidates in different regions with automated reminders that eliminate confusion and mishaps. Talent acquisition software empowers recruiters to stay organized and productive with up-to-date calendar schedules and daylight savings.

As organizations continue to expand operations, mobilizing global talent becomes essential to long-term success. But global recruiting can be downright taxing on more levels than one. So recruiters can leverage the powerful features of talent acquisition software to stay on top of their game.

No matter the size of your organization, Jobsoid makes it much easier to attract, engage and win the right global talent with centralized reporting structure and real-time control of the recruitment system.

Kelly Barcelos

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